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Second Thoughts: Blaming Gravity for the Ground

Author: Thomas White | Student at LivingEd-Charlotte “Gravity operates the same way, all the time. … Sometimes, when we’re falling, we wish it didn’t work that way, but we pay the consequence when we hit the ground. …and there are others laws that are absolutely just as sure as gravity. …and those laws are found […]

Second Thoughts: The Setup, Not the Game

Author: Thomas White | Student at LivingEd-Charlotte “Life is tough, and as life gets tough, with bills, and health problems, and problems with children, and neighbors, and bosses, [some] get distracted.” ~ Mr. Kenneth Frank LivingEd-Charlotte: Student Assembly | March 28, 2019 Mr. Ken Frank packed a lot into his assembly, this week. We heard […]

Second Thoughts: Irremovable From His Truth

by Thomas White, Student at LivingEd-Charlotte Assembly by Dr. Douglas Winnail “Some people have estimated that over 200,000 people have gone through the Church of God over the years. … We had a lot of people that came into the Church, that went to Ambassador College, but they’re no longer around anywhere.” ~ Dr. Douglas […]