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  • Digging Deeper: Lessons from the Rechabites

    Author: Mr. Kenneth Frank | Faculty in Theology, Living Education

    Estimated Reading Time: 6 min.

    Did you know that during Nebuchadnezzar's siege of Jerusalem God instructed Jeremiah to unknowingly direct a neighboring nomadic tribe to disobey an ancestor's command?

    Jeremiah would learn that they had been…

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  • Course Spotlight: Serve Others with Godly Humility

    In some of our courses, we have a "Student Thoughts" section where we ask a question to see what the students think. In Unit 4 of the Life Ministry and Teachings of Jesus Christ course, we asked the question: Christ instituted the foot-washing service as part of Passover to teach us about true humility. What are some…

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  • Digging Deeper: The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

    Author: Mr. Kenneth Frank | Faculty in Theology, Living Education

    Estimated Reading Time: 7 min. 27 sec.

    Did you know that the Bible refers to thanksgiving as a sacrifice?

    This week, Americans will once again observe their national Thanksgiving Day. Canadians observed a similar day in October. This year,…

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  • Course Spotlight: Resist Demons!

    Christ often dealt with those who were possessed by demons. How should we approach demons? What should we think about these evil beings?Course Spotlight From The Life, Ministry, and Teachings of Jesus Christ: (Unit 2) The Galilean Ministry

    Find the answers!

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  • Forum Summary: So Little for the Mind

    Author: Juliette McNair | Student, Living Education Charlotte 2020

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 15 seconds. 

    The Attack on Modern Education and the Implications for the Living Church of God

    Mr. Stuart Wachowicz, evangelist and regional director of the Canadian office, spoke about the degenerating…

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  • Children’s Bible Program – Level 1: NT Lesson 3 “Jesus at His Father’s House”

    Featured Passage: Luke 2

    NT-L1L3 Jesus at His Father's HouseDownload/Print

    God picked Mary and Joseph to be the parents of His Son on earth. They were both from the family of King David, and they both obeyed God’s laws. They took care of Jesus as a child, and taught Him as best they could. God guided…

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  • Assembly Summary: God, the God of ______ (Your Name)

    Author: Juliette McNair | Student, Living Education Charlotte 2020

    Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 37 seconds.

    Seven years ago, Mr. Jake Hall came to Charlotte to attend Living University. Mr. Hall now works in the TV and Media department as Camera and Video Editor. In his assembly, he asked us,…

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