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  • Digging Deeper: Good and Pleasant Unity

    Author: Mr. Kenneth Frank | Faculty, Living Education

    Estimated Reading Time: 8 min. 21 sec.

    Did you know that unity among Christian brethren is described by God in the Book of Psalms as good and pleasant using two colorful similes?

    We live at a time in western culture when individualism prevails over community…

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  • Forum Summary: What’s Your Worldview?

    Author: Juliette McNair | Student, LivingEd-Charlotte 2020

    Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.

    Mr. Peter Nathan, regional director of Europe, Africa, and the UK, spoke on the alternative worldviews—or “universes”—people have today. He posed the question, “Why is it that we come to very different conclusions?”…

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  • Second Thoughts: On Distractions and Responsibility

    Author: Juliette McNair | Student, Living Education 2020

    Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

    In this week’s Forum, Mr. Jonathan Bueno addressed the danger of distractions.

    The relevance of this topic is self-evident—especially to students. We are constantly bombarded with competitors for our attention, energy, and…

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  • Assembly Summary: “You Don’t Know”

    Author: Juliette McNair | Student, LivingEd-Charlotte 2020

    Mr. Gaylyn Bonjour opened his session with a piece of advice: “You don’t know what people need, what they require, and how to help them...You don’t know...” On our own, we struggle to perceive other people’s needs and are often blind to our responsibilities…

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  • Digging Deeper: In Awe of Thy Word

    Author: Mr. Kenneth Frank | Faculty of Theology, Living Education

    Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes, 34 seconds

    Did you know that when you read the Bible with due respect and attention you will experience a sense of awe about this supernatural book?

    We ended the last Digging Deeper with a verse admonishing…

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  • Digging Deeper: Every Word of God is Pure

    Author: Mr. Kenneth Frank | Faculty in Theology, Living Education

    Estimated Reading Time: 7 min., 41 sec

    Did you know that God says every one of His words is pure?

    Some question the Bible today, considering it only another one of many religious books that humans have produced over the millennia. They say it…

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  • Student Answers – Why do you Pray?

    We asked students the question “Why do you pray?” in our course Tools for Christian Growth: Prayer. Here are the a few of their reasons:

    "To keep my mind on the things of God:  praising, praying, and thanking Him throughout the day (Col. 3:1-4; I Thess. 5:16-18).  These passages and a few others help me…

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