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"...You shall teach them to your children when you sit in your house..." walk by the way..." lie down..." rise up."

– Deuteronomy 11:19

Bring lessons of the Bible to LIFE for your children!

There are millions of ways, methods, and strategies out there on how to teach children the Bible. How do you know that you are teaching your children the Bible the way that God intended? How can you be sure that you will instill in your children the love of Truth and God’s way so when they are old they will not depart from it?


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Weekly Lessons

The key word is framework…

The purpose of the weekly children’s lessons is to provide a framework for parents striving to teach their children about God’s word and to introduce them to the major stories and key characters in the Bible. We want to help parents in making the scripture more accessible to their children by providing contextual material, helpful discussion questions, and related memory scriptures. The lessons are meant to be flexible in format to be easily integrated into any family’s Bible study plan.

The “featured passage” is to provide the main content of the lesson and to be the main focus of the material given. As our lessons are set up to help introduce the main books and characters in the Bible the lessons offer a range or set of scriptures which are generally designed to flow from one passage to the next without skipping over chapters that are usually left out of Bible lessons for children. We don’t include every chapter for considerations of age level, but for the most part we want to leave it up to the parents’ discretion to decide which passages to read together  with their children. The goal is to introduce children to the Bible itself, keeping the focus of the lessons on the inspired writing of God and what it actually says. 

Each lesson focuses on key stories or sections of the featured passage through the discussion questions and memory verses. A parent may choose to focus on the related passages only, or read through the entire featured passage, depending on the needs of their child.

Each lesson includes an introductory paragraph to the lesson. Its purpose is to provide context for the story within the featured passage and to help prepare the child for the reading of it. Essentially it is to give background info, to connect to the previous lesson, and to help point to the focus of the lesson which is in the featured passage. This paragraph is meant to be read together prior to the reading of the featured passage.

Each lesson includes a set of discussion questions. These questions are designed to add meaning to the content of the story read in the featured passage. Though they are written with the age group of the given level in mind, it is important that the parent choose questions which fit the developmental needs of their own child, skipping or modifying questions for a more meaningful discussion as necessary.

The purpose of the discussion questions is to aid in comprehension of the main characters, events, and lessons from the featured passage. Appropriate questions can provide a platform for a child to begin to synthesize and add depth of meaning to the story. These questions should also help open up real family discussion and support an environment for comfortable conversation about God’s word in the home. 

For families who would like to add an extra challenge, a memory verse is included in each lesson. The verse is usually taken directly from the featured passage, or it relates closely to the main content or topic of the lesson. There are a variety of ways the memory challenge can be used in conjunction with a family lesson plan, so we recommend the parents choose a way to integrate it into their study of the Bible with the specific needs of their family in mind.

Lesson Packets

Our lessons are available in an organized, easy-to-print format. Each lesson can be printed individually, or as a four-lesson set. Each set of four lessons focuses topics/stories related to the lesson set topic. Each lesson set can stand on its own which makes it great for parents who may want to focus their children’s study on specific topics or stories in scripture without having to do all the lessons in order. This provides more flexibility and ease of access to our lessons for parents.

Special Edition Lessons

Our Special Edition lessons focus on particular doctrinal topics designed with combined levels for family study.

The format of our Special Edition lessons is organized in a packet which includes short, readable content with noted passages of scripture to read together with followup questions. The lessons do not have to be presented in order or all at once, as its flexible structure allows for parents to skip around to different sections within the packet depending on what aspect of the overall topic they would like to cover with their children.

The lesson packet includes question boxes scattered throughout the lessons, usually following a verse or passage to read from Scripture. These boxes have a variety of headings, but usually ask an open-ended question to aid in comprehension of the topic and to make personal or practical connections with the lesson. It is best if parents use them as a means of opening discussion and to provide some dialogue in helping their children grasp the topic more fully. They aren’t all necessarily serious questions, so have a little fun with them!

The Special Edition packets include questions for meaningful discussion. These questions are categorized into three levels, similar to the Weekly Lesson levels. Parents may choose to use only the questions written for their child’s level, or they may pick and choose questions from the other levels as well. These questions are meant to aid in comprehension of the given topic, but also are crafted to open up beneficial, and collaborate family discussion. When used in a family context, these types of discussions can help create an environment of respect and love for each other and God’s way.

Each Special Edition Lesson packet includes three memory verses, one for each age level. These memory verses can be integrated into the lesson plan in a variety of ways. Though each memory verse is gear toward a specific age level, it is up to the family how they should be used to suit the needs of each child.

Included in each Special Edition lesson packet is an activity section which presents optional activities, games, or crafts that can be used in conjunction with the lesson content. These activities provide an extra dimension to the lessons and are designed to help involve families in the lesson topic in a “hands-on” way.

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