The Widow’s Brunch

Author: Hyabiel Daniel  | Student, Living Education – Charlotte, 2023-24

The LE women recently organized a Widows Brunch at the dorm house, showcasing effective planning, professionalism, and teamwork. On Saturday evening, the students prepared the dorm for the event, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Each student contributed to a carefully planned meal. Sunday morning unfolded with precision as the students finalized preparations for the Widows’ Brunch. The event began promptly at 10 am, as excitement and the air was charged with excitement as the students put the finishing touches

A highlight of the brunch was the bingo games, facilitated with enthusiasm by the LE women themselves. The room was filled with laughter and fellowship as widows and students engaged in spirited competition.

As the clock struck noon, marking the conclusion of the Widows Brunch, the women expressed pride in their collective accomplishments. Gratitude was extended for their dedication and professionalism throughout the planning and execution of the brunch.

The Widows Brunch organized by the LE women was a demonstration of effective teamwork, creating a warm and enjoyable experience for everyone .

Hyabiel Daniel is a first-year Living Education Student. She is from London, United Kingdom, and typically attends the Seven Oaks Congregation. She enjoys studying social sciences and also loves spending time reading books, baking, and spending time with loved ones.