Announcing! Fall Holy Days Art Contest Winners – 2019

Group 1 | Ages 12 & Under

WINNER: Jude Hunter – Albany, NY

Artist’s Description: It is a free-hand rendition of a lion and a lamb. The picture was colored in colored pencil. I drew it with a 0.7 graphite pencil.

Artist Bio: I was born on August 9, 2008. I have seven siblings. I like to draw and play with Legos. I have brown hair and green-grey eyes.

Honorable Mention:

Jonathan Wilson – Indianapolis, IN

Artist’s Description: This shows the nations coming up to keep the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem as described in Zechariah 14:16. There are many people coming up the road to the city.

Artist Bio: I was born in Zionsville, IN. I like Legos, cyclocross, and animals. My favorite Feast site was Costa Rica where I saw monkeys, parrots, and coatis.

Gabriella White – Lafayette, LA

Artist’s Description: The time of the millennial Feast of Trumpets. When I close my eyes this is what I see. Its the time after Christ returns when a trumpet (mom says Shofar) is blown, signifying the start of the Feast of Trumpets in the Kingdom. (Mom helped me choose my colors right for the sunset and water.)

Artist Bio: Gabriella (Ella) is 7 years old. She attends the congregation in Lafayette, LA. She is an artist at heart! Drawing and coloring are some of her favorite past times. Ella seemly edifies MOST of the fruits of the spirit at her young age. She wants to make all things beautiful. She brings flowers from nature in the home constantly. She is a blessing in her family.

Zhania Susi – Melbourne

Artist’s Description: This is an artwork of the millennium. I took inspiration from the bible hymn “It Won’t Be Long Now” as it describes how the world will be at peace.

Artist Bio: Hi, my name is Zhania. I am eleven years old and I am in grade six. My hobbies include, calligraphy, drawing and painting.

GROUP 2 | AGES 13 – 20

WINNER: Hannah Wolford – Bristol, VA

Artist’s Description: My submission depicts what the front page of a newspaper might look like in the Kingdom. The headlines describe some of the events taking place when the world tomorrow becomes the world today!

Artist Bio: I love being creative, and graduated this past spring with an Associates degree specializing in Art. I hope to one day become a professional artist.

Honorable Mention:

Chevy Dela Cruz – Quezon City

Artist’s Description: Inspired by the hymn “It won’t be long now” portraying the wolf, lamb, leopard, kid, lion, bear, and a child dwelling peacefully together.

Artist Bio: Watercolor and graphite are my usual mediums. I am a self-taught artist who does commissioned portrait artworks to earn money for school, savings and offerings. I love art of all kinds and I wish to improve myself with what I do to serve the brethren and to deliver God’s words with it.

Lexi Mitchell – Plainview, NY

Artist’s Description: My picture shows a girl during services at the feast, listening to the song ‘It Wont Be Long Now’ being sung, and imagining the scenarios of the Kingdom mentioned in the chorus.

Artist Bio: My name is Lexi Mitchell and I’m 14 years old. If I had to choose an activity to do it probably would be reading a good book, but drawing is cool too.

GROUP 3 | AGES 21+

WINNER: Diego Villafaña – Santiago, Chile

Artist’s Description: Tiempos vendrán, en donde la maldad se apartará del mundo y el bienestar se apoderará de la tierra. Esta ilustración representa al Milenio, un período de tiempo en donde Cristo gobernará a la Tierra y la sumirá en paz, felicidad y gozo abundantes para cada ser viviente. TRANSLATION: The time will come when evil will depart from the world and justice will take over the earth. This illustration represents the Millennium, a period in which Christ will rule the earth and there will be an abundant peace, happiness, and joy for every living being.

Artist Bio: Nací en Viña del Mar, Chile, el 19 de Noviembre de 1997. Desde pequeño he disfrutado del dibujo y la pintura, y los he practicado en mis tiempos libres durante toda mi juventud hasta el día de hoy. El titularme como Técnico en Animación Digital me ha permitido aplicar estos conocimientos de una manera mucho más profesional y estilizada, principalmente desde el área digital. Hoy en día realizo ilustraciones personalizadas para los sermones locales de la congregación de Santiago, Chile, en la Iglesia del Dios Viviente. TRANSLATION: I was born on November 19, 1997 in Viña del Mar, Chile. I have enjoyed drawing and painting since I was a child, and have practiced it in my spare time throughout my youth until this day. Having a college degree on Digital Animation Technology has allowed me to apply this knowledge in a much more professional and stylized way, mainly from the digital area. I currently serve in the congregation of Santiago, Chile, making the illustrations for sermons CD and DVD covers.

Honorable Mention:

Jaclyn Stiffler – Little Rock, AR

Artist’s Description: Lion and Lamb Pen and Ink on Paper. A traditional scene of a lion sweetly nudging a little lamb, free from fear, totally at peace.

Artist Bio: As a child I always enjoyed drawing and creating art, so it only seemed natural I’d pursue this passion into adulthood. I graduated in 2001 with a degree in fine art and continue to freelance today. My family has always been a source of encouragement, support and now with the addition of two adorable nephews and a beautiful niece…inspiration! I’m so thankful to God for a world of color and beauty, and especially thankful for the gifts and abilities to take what I see and put it on paper!

Brandon Fall – SeaTac, WA

Artist’s Description: I had fun thinking of how a toddler might interact with a great big bear in the Millennium: pulling on the bears cheeks, jumping on the bears back and hanging onto his ear, and of course, snuggling. 🙂

Artist Bio: Brandon Fall serves as the pastor in the Pacific Northwest. Before coming into the ministry, he had the opportunity to work in the illustration and graphic design field. Occasionally he draws pictures for his four children.

Louis Crespo – Charlotte, NC

Artist’s Description: Pastoral setting during the Millennium. This is one in a series of 3 pastoral millennium settings that I completed digitally.

Artist Bio: I studied human anatomy and figure drawing at the Arts Student’s League in New York. I also studied Acrylic and watercolor Landscape Painting in Suffolk College, Long Island. Took a course in Graphic Design and have taken drawing courses at various levels of my life. My hobby is to create illustrations plus various other endeavors. Lately, I am drawn to do digital artwork in Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5.

Jose Zamora – Mississauga, Ontario

Artist’s Description: Related to Feast of Trumpets: “It pictures the massive intervention of God in human affairs- climaxing in the Second Coming of Christ as King of kings.”

Artist Bio: I am a Filipino, self-taught artist who enjoys oil and acrylic paintings and sculptures. I am a former Architectural designer in my hometown.

A Special Thank You

to our panel of judges and all the artists who submitted their work! The beautiful pieces you see displayed here are a testament to their God-given talents, hard work, and dedication to God’s work.

Coloring pages now available with Part 4 of our Fall Festival’s Lessons!

Stay tuned for our upcoming artwork gallery, featuring the submissions from other artists.

Artwork from this contest will be featured in our upcoming Special Edition-Fall Holy Days Children’s Lessons Packet.

Want to participate? Be looking ahead for upcoming Living Education contests for artists on our Updates blog!

All images displayed in this post were submitted by private artists who have granted all rights and permissions of use to Living Education for the purpose of education, and/or promotional publication, in accordance with the Fall Holy Days Art Contest Rules and Guidelines. All rights reserved.

¡Concurso de Arte de los días santos de otoño!

Directrices del concurso y reglas oficiales:

¿Alguna vez has soñado con ilustrar un libro? ¿Te gusta dibujar caricaturas? ¿Te agrada dibujar con acuarelas? ¿Tienes experiencia creando imágenes vectoriales en una tableta, o tu estilo es más es lápiz y papel?

Buscamos artistas de todas las edades, cuyo trabajo podría aparecer en nuestra edición especial de lecciones infantiles para los Días Santos de Otoño.

English? Click Here!

Français? Cliquez ici!


Cuando piensas en las Fiestas santas de otoño, ¿qué imagen se te viene a la cabeza? ¿piensas en un israelita tocando una trompeta de plata brillante frente al tabernáculo? ¿o en los carneros durante el Día de Expiación? ¿o tal vez te imaginas al león y al cordero representando el Milenio? Sea lo que sea, ¡prepárate para dar buen uso a tu creatividad!

Envíenos sus obras de arte relacionadas con la Fiesta de las Trompetas, el Día de Expiación, la Fiesta de los Tabernáculos y el Último Gran Día. Sus dibujos pueden representar símbolos, tradiciones o personajes y escenas bíblicas relacionadas con estas fiestas santas. Estamos especialmente interesados en dibujos estilo caricatura, pero también aceptaremos otros estilos de dibujo para ser utilizados en nuestra publicación de lecciones infantiles de edición especial, “Las Fiestas otoñales de Dios: Una guía de estudio para enseñar el camino de vida de Dios a sus hijos”.

¿Qué tipo de dibujos estamos buscando?

Las ilustraciones se pueden preparar en cualquier medio 2D (por ejemplo: lápiz, tinta, lápices de colores, carbón, pasteles, acuarela o pintura). También se aceptarán dibujos realizados por medios tradicionales o electrónicos. Tenga en cuenta que estamos buscando trabajos limpios y listos para usarse en nuestras diversas publicaciones.

Los dibujos deben ser de alta calidad (es decir, libre de arrugas, manchas, marcas de borrador, etc.). Si es necesario, configure su escáner, o su cámara para enviar imágenes de alta calidad.

¿Quién puede participar?

Se invita a artistas de cualquier edad a presentar sus mejores dibujos. Las ilustraciones se evaluarán en tres categorías basadas en tres grupos de edad.

Grupo 1  (12 años y menores)

Grupo 2  (13 – 20 años)

Grupo 3  (21 – 121 años)

Fechas límite del concurso

El concurso comienza el 15 de agosto de 2019

Último día para inscribirse: 20 de septiembre de 2019

Publicación de resultados: 27 de septiembre de 2019

Cómo participar

Los dibujos deben enviarse por medio del formulario de inscripción del concurso en línea, que estará disponible para los artistas a partir del 15 de agosto. Todos los artistas deben proporcionar su nombre, edad, una dirección de correo electrónico válida, congregación, algunas frases sobre sí mismos, y una breve descripción de su obra de arte junto con su presentación. Los artistas del Grupo 1 necesitarán la aprobación de sus padres para poder participar. Si no tiene acceso a Internet o un medio para crear copias electrónicas de su obra de arte, tal vez pueda pedir ayuda a alguien en su congregación local.

Formulario en línea:

Reglas oficiales

  1. Dios, Jesucristo o criaturas celestiales no pueden ser representados en los dibujos.
  2. Sólo dibujos originales – no haga plagio o use material protegido por derechos de autor.
  3. Las imágenes deben ser apropiadas para niños menores de 12 años.
  4. Educación Viviente se reserva el derecho de rechazar dibujos que contengan contenido inapropiado.
  5. Los artistas deben presentar su trabajo usando su propio nombre y bajo la categoría de edad apropiada.
  6. Los artistas pueden enviar hasta dos dibujos. 

Renuncia de responsabilidad:

Enviar obras de arte para el Concurso de Arte de Otoño transfiere el derecho al programa de Educación Viviente para usar y modificar obras de arte con fines educativos y/o promocionales. Los dibujos no se utilizarán para ningún propósito de ganancia financiera.


Los mejores dibujos de cada categoría se utilizarán en nuestras lecciones semanales para niños o en nuestra edición especial de lecciones de las Fiestas Santas de otoño. Se mostrarán en el blog “Actualizaciones” en nuestro sitio web junto con una breve biografía del artista y una descripción de la obra de arte. Los artistas recibirán crédito por cualquier obra de arte utilizada en nuestras publicaciones. Además, los ganadores de cada grupo de edad recibirán un pequeño premio de Educación Viviente.

Las ilustraciones que reciban mención honorífica se mostrarán en el blog “Actualizaciones” en nuestro sitio web junto con una breve biografía del artista y una descripción de la obra de arte.

*Si se selecciona su dibujo, recibirá una notificación por correo electrónico.

** Puede haber oportunidades especiales disponibles para que artistas destacados se unan al equipo de ilustración del Programa Bíblico para Niños de Educación Viviente que puede involucrar diferentes proyectos e iniciativas.

Para obtener más información sobre las directrices de este concurso, o para preguntas, póngase en contacto con:

Rebekah Ross  | Living Education – Children’s Bible Program Staff

[email protected]


Fall Holy Days Art Contest!

Contest Guidelines and Official Rules

Have you ever dreamed of illustrating a book? Do you love drawing cartoons? Is watercolor your middle name? Do you have experience creating vector images on a tablet, or is good old graphite and paper more your style? 

We are looking for artists of all ages whose work could be featured in our Special Edition Children’s lessons for the Fall Holy Days. 

Français? Cliquez ici!

¿Español? ¡Haga clic aquí!


The Fall Holy Days: When you think of God’s Fall Festivals, what picture pops into your head? Do you think of an Israelite playing a shiny silver trumpet in front of the tabernacle? Or what about the two goats on the Day of Atonement? Or perhaps you imagine the lion and the lamb to represent the Millenium? Whatever it may be, get ready to put your creativity to good use! 

Submit your artwork relating to the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement, the Feast of Tabernacles, and the Last Great Day. Artwork can depict symbols, church traditions, characters, or Biblical scenes relating to these Fall holy days. We are especially interested in cartoon-style work, although we will accept any style acceptable to be used with our Special Edition Children’s lessons publication, “God’s Fall Festivals: A Study Guide for Parents Teaching their Children God’s Way”.

What kind of artwork are we looking for?


Submitted artwork can be prepared in any 2-D medium (e.g. graphite, ink, colored pencils, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, paint,). Artwork done in either traditional or electronic medium will be accepted. Keep in mind that we are looking for artwork that is neat, and ready to use in our various publications.

Submissions should be the highest quality you are able to provide (i.e. free of wrinkles, stains, eraser markings, etc.). If applicable, set scanner, export, or camera settings to submit high-quality images. .

Who is eligible?

Artists of any age are invited to submit their best work. Artwork will be evaluated in three categories based on three age groups.

Group 1  | 12 and under 

Group 2  | 13 – 20 yrs 

Group 3  | 21 – 121 yrs

Contest Dates/Deadlines

Contest Opens: August 15, 2019

Last day for entries: September 20, 2019

Results Posted: September 27, 2019

How to Enter

All entries must be submitted to our online Fall Holy Days Art Contest Entry Form which will be made available for artists on Aug 15. All artists must provide their name, age, a valid email address, congregation, a few sentences about themselves, and a short description of their artwork along with their submission. Artists submitting work for Group 1 will need their parents approval to enter. If you don’t have internet access or a means of creating electronic copies of your artwork, perhaps ask someone in your local congregation for assistance.

Official Rules

  1. No artwork with depicted images of God, Jesus Christ, or heavenly creatures
  2. Original work only – no plagiarism or copyrighted material 
  3. Images must be appropriate for viewing by children ages 12 and under
  4. Living Education reserves the right to reject submissions containing inappropriate content.
  5. Artists must submit their work under their own name in their appropriate age category
  6. Artists may submit up to two pieces of artwork each  


Submitting artwork for the Living Education Fall Holy Days Art Contest transfers to Living Education the right to use and modify artwork for the purpose of education, and/or promotional publication.  Living Education agrees that any submitted artwork will not be used for any purposes of financial gain. 


The top selections from each category will be used in our weekly Children’s Lessons or in our Special Edition – God’s Fall Festivals packet**. It will be displayed on our website’s “Updates” blog along with a short biography of the artist and a description of the artwork. Artists will receive name credit with any artwork used in our publications. Also, winners of each age group will receive a small prize from our Living Education memorabilia. 

Artwork which receives honorable mention will be displayed on our website’s “Updates” blog along with a short biography of the artist and a description of the artwork.

*If your artwork is selected, you will receive notification by email. 

** There may be special opportunities available for outstanding artists to join our illustration team for the Living Education Children’s Bible Program which may involve many different types of projects and initiatives.

For more information on the guidelines of this contest, or for other questions contact:

Rebekah Ross  | Living Education – Children’s Bible Program Staff

[email protected]