Course Spotlight: Serve Others with Godly Humility

In some of our courses, we have a “Student Thoughts” section where we ask a question to see what the students think. In Unit 4 of the Life Ministry and Teachings of Jesus Christ course, we asked the question: Christ instituted the foot-washing service as part of Passover to teach us about true humility. What are some ways we can genuinely serve others with Godly humility?

Here are some of the responses:

“God has given each of us unique talents and gifts, and as we go through life we also develop various skills.  As our abilities become refined, pride can find a foothold and our focus can turn inward.  But, rather than using gifts and skills to aggrandize the self, if we keep our focus on the needs of others then we can use our talents to uplift and bring joy, comfort, and love to those around us.” – TF

We can serve others in whatever need they may have. If we see a need we should fill it. We can pray for and visit the sick, comfort those who are grieving, offer food or clothing if needed and we can open our home in hospitality for fellowship. If we look around at our brethren in our congregations, we will see there are many we can serve.” – JS

God’s people should be willing and ready to serve whenever and wherever there is a need if they are able.  There are many elderly among us who may need a ride to Sabbath service because they no longer drive, or help with yard work, or picking up groceries or something that would make life just a little easier for them.  Other ways we can serve is by sending cards to those who are ill, or calling them during the week to check on them, or even visiting them to sit and chat for a while.  These may seem like small deeds but they are big to those who need and receive such acts of kindness.  Jesus Christ said that He came not to be served but to serve (Matt. 20:28).  Christ desired to serve and so should we, with the same humility and love.”  -MSJ

Course Spotlight: Resist Demons!

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Course Spotlight: Works of the Law

Some believe that those who keep the Ten Commandments are engaging in the “works of the law” and are therefore under a curse (cf. Galatians 3:10). What are the works of the law, and is obedience to God’s law a curse?

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Course Spotlight: Render to Caesar!

Matthew 22:21 states: “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” How is this Scripture applied today, and how does God want our attitude to be towards those who are placed in positions of authority?

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Course Spotlight: Paul’s Travels

View our map on places that the Apostle Paul traveled to so he could preach the gospel, and click on the brown location symbols to learn more about each city!

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Course Spotlight: Trinity Enigma

Many professing Christians believe that the God family is made up of three persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but what is the true nature of God? Who does the Hebrew word ‘Elohim’ refer to? Is the God of the Bible actually this Trinitarian god?

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Course Spotlight: The Pattern of Private Prayer

We see in Matthew 6 that Jesus taught His disciples how to pray, but what does the passage say about where we should pray? What are the reasons why Christ practiced praying in a secluded place, and instructs us to take the same approach?

Course Spotlight From The Life, Ministry, and Teachings of Jesus Christ: (Unit 2) The Galilean Ministry

Feast of Trumpets – The Sound of the Shofar

As we approach the Feast of Trumpets, take a few moments to review our special segment featuring Dylan King explaining how different trumpets were used in history!

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