Course Spotlight: Profile of Herod Agrippa I

Agrippa I was the grandson of Herod the Great, born about 10 B.C. and raised in Rome. Imprisioned for six months by Emperor Tiberius on charge of treason because of his exploition of relationships for wealth and power, in particular seeking the favor of Caligula. He persecuted the church in Jerusalem but may have been interested in Jewish roots.


Course Spotlight: Under the Influence: Hellenism in ancient Jewish Life

How and why and to what extent Greek culture was absorbed into the ancient Jewish world is not always clear, but that it was is undeniable. Read about Hellenism in ancient Jewish life in this Biblical Archaeology Review by Martin Goodman.


Course Spotlight: Honoring God with our Prayers

Do we truly honor God in our prayers? What is our attitude and approach when we present to God our spiritual gifts, such as prayer, study and meditation (Matthew 5:23–24)? Read an excerpt from an article in the Living Church News that aptly highlights an important aspect of how we come before God in prayer.

Tools for Christian Growth: Prayer

Course Spotlight: Handwashing in Judaism

To gain an understanding of what Christ was dealing with as we read in Mark 7:1-23, a brief look at the “Traditions of the Elders” is helpful. Learn more about handwashing in Judaism!

COURSE SPOTLIGHT FROM  The Life, Teachings, and Ministry of Jesus Christ: (Unit 3) The Judean Ministry

Course Spotlight: Who was James?

James was the son of Joseph and Mary, the half-brother of Jesus Christ, and so much more. Find out more about James and take a quick matching quiz to test your knowledge!

Course Spotlight From The General Epistles: (Part 1) The Letters of James and Peter

Course Spotlight: “The Second Sabbath after the First”

In Luke 6:1, we find a fascinating, hidden gem of understanding.  For those who use the NIV and many other modern translations, the gem is obscured.  But in the King James Version and the New King James Version, it is just below the surface.  What most modern translations hide is the phrase, “deuteroprotos sabbaton”.  Why is this important?

Course Spotlight From The Life, Ministry, and Teachings of Jesus Christ: (Unit 2) The Galilean Ministry

Course Spotlight: Cities of the Book of Acts

Did you know we have a interactive map with information on the cities mentioned in Acts? Make the scriptures come to life by visualizing where they are while you read about them!

Course Spotlight From Acts of the Apostles: (Unit 3) Paul’s Imprisonment

Course Spotlight: Sabbath Day’s Journey

Used only in Acts 1:12, where it designates the distance from Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives, to which Jesus led His disciples on the day of His ascension. The expression comes from rabbinical usage to indicate the distance a Jew might travel on the Sabbath without transgressing the Law.

What was the limit set—and how did the rabbis travel on the Sabbath?

Course Spotlight From Acts of the Apostles (Unit 1) The Church Begins

Course Spotlight: The Trumpet in History

There are over 140 references to the blowing of the trumpet or “shofar” in the Bible. Ninety percent of these are in the Old Testament while there are eleven references of trumpets in the New Testament. Check out how trumpets are used throughout Scripture!

Course Spotlight From God’s Feast Days: Trumpets

Course Spotlight: Biblical Meaning of “Elohim”

The very first name that God applies to Himself in the Old Testament is “Elohim.” “In the beginning God [Hebrew Elohim] created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). Elohim is used 31 times in the first chapter of Genesis—and clearly identifies “God” as the Creator. But what does Elohim mean?

Course Spotlight from The Life Ministry and Teachings of Jesus Christ: (Unit 1) The Early Life of Christ