Children’s Bible Program – Level 1: NT Lesson 3 “Jesus at His Father’s House”

Featured Passage: Luke 2


God picked Mary and Joseph to be the parents of His Son on earth. They were both from the family of King David, and they both obeyed God’s laws. They took care of Jesus as a child, and taught Him as best they could. God guided and directed the family, and as Jesus grew, He started to learn about who He was and what He was on earth to do.



  1. Why was Jesus and His family in Jerusalem? 
  2. Where did Joseph and Mary find Jesus after looking for Him for three days? What was he doing?
  3. How old do you need to be to start learning about God? 
  4. Why do you think the teachers in the temple were surprised when Jesus was talking to them and asking them questions?
  5. When Jesus called the temple “My Father’s house” who was He talking about? 
  6. What does the scripture mean that says that “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men”? What things could you do now to follow the example Jesus set when He was young?

Memory Challenge:

Luke 2:52 (NIV)

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”

Children’s Bible Program – Level 1: NT Lesson 2 “Jesus is Born”

Featured Passage: Luke 2

Joseph and Mary, who lived in a town called Nazareth, went on a trip to Bethlehem. Mary was going to have a baby, and as the angel had told her, she was to name Him Jesus. When they arrived in Bethlehem there was no room for them to stay at the inn, so they stayed in a stable instead, which is where Jesus was born. As the news spread announcing this special miracle, a few people began to realize that He was no ordinary boy. 


  1. Why did Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem?
  2. Who were some of the first people to hear about Jesus’ birth? How did they find out? What did they do after they found out?
  3. When Jesus’ parents took Him to the temple, who did they meet? What did Simeon do when he saw Jesus?
  4. Who was Anna? 
  5. Where did Jesus grow up?

Memory Challenge:

Luke 2:11

“For there is born to you this day in the City of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Children’s Bible Program – Level 1: NT Lesson 1 “Elizabeth and Mary”

Featured Passage: Luke 1

Many years had passed since the Jewish people had returned to their homeland since the captivity. But the people were still not free. The land of Judea was under the rule of the Romans whose empire stretched far and wide across the continent. The Jews were waiting for the Messiah to save them from the Romans as many of God’s prophets had taught for hundreds of years before. God’s plan was to send His Son as the Messiah. He also planned to send a prophet to prepare the people to hear the Messiah’s message. 

The story begins in Jerusalem where there lived a woman named Elizabeth who lived with her husband Zacharias. They were both very old, and they had no children. One day, Zacharias went to the temple to perform his duties as a priest and an angel appeared! The angel had a special message for Zacharias and Elizabeth about the coming Messiah and the man who would prepare the way for His arrival.


  • What was the message the angel gave to Zacharius? How did Zacharias respond to the message? 
  • What did Gabriel tell Zacharias to name his son? What happened to Zacharias when he left the temple? How did he tell his relatives what his son’s name would be?
  • What was the message the angel gave to Mary? How did Mary respond to the message? 
  • What was Mary to name her son? What does the name mean?
  • What happened when Mary came to visit her cousin? 

Memory Challenge:

Luke 1:31. “And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son and shall call His name Jesus.”