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Children’s Bible Program – Level 1: NT Lesson 15 “The Lost Son”

Featured Passage: Luke 15


The Jewish leaders didn’t like the fact that Jesus spent so much time teaching and eating with sinners. Jesus had told two parables to them about lost things – the parable of the lost sheep, and the parable of the lost coin. He wanted to explain to them how much God loves every person and how happy He is when someone who is sinning decides to repent and start following Him. There was one more parable Jesus wanted to tell the people listening about something, or someone, who got lost.



  1. Who are the characters Jesus talks about in this parable? 
  2. What does the younger son decide to do? How do you think the father felt when he made this decision? 
  3. What happened to the son? 
  4. What did the son decide to do after he got the job feeding pigs? 
  5. How did the father react when he saw his son coming home? How did the older son react? 
  6. Who does the father in the story represent? 
  7. How do you think God wants us to react when someone decides to repent from their sins to follow God’s way?

Memory Challenge:

Luke 16:32

“It was right that we should make merry and be glad, for your brother was dead and is alive again, and was lost and is found.”