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Assembly Notes: Too Busy for the Bible?

“Many Teenagers are recognizing that the Bible speaks to the complete human experience. No matter what age of human history you live in it speaks to their struggles, trials, and triumphs of life.” In assembly this week, Mr. Frank read us a quote from a Barna Research study. According to Barna the number one reason […]

Assembly Notes: A Story About Work

“When you’re working hard and productive you’re happy.” – Mr. Gaylyn Bonjour The Mail Processing Department here at headquarters is a bit like the front lines. Walking into MPD, the smell of fresh paper immediately pervades the senses, as the sight of stacks of crisp new envelopes to be stuffed, the whir of the printer […]

Build on the Rock

We are excited to share with you our first Living Ed Animation! This one is taken from the “Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 7). We hope you enjoy! Check for more videos coming soon! Leave feedback/comments/ or ideas for more videos below!

LEP Updates: Unit 2…coming soon!

Life, Ministry, and Teachings of Jesus Christ: Unit 1 – Final Lesson Available The pilot unit for the Life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus Christ is now fully available to all members.  As an additional feature, once you have completed all the lessons, you can go back and watch or listen to the lectures as […]

Assembly Notes: Serving Connections

  “When we are members of the God-family, and there are millions and billions of us, we will have connections with certain people because of the relationships we started in this life.” – Dr. Scott Dr. Scott Winnail told us in this week’s assembly, “Look for opportunities to serve in the local congregation.” No matter […]

Assembly Notes: To Be a Pioneer

“You are pioneers. You will be an example…” – Mr. Gerald Weston When we begin working on something original, involve ourselves in a brand new project, venture into undiscovered or unknown territory, or even to step out of our comfort zone to be part of something bigger than ourselves, we become adventurers, inventors, pioneers. For […]

Living Education Update – Unit 1

Life, Teachings and Ministry of Jesus Christ, Unit One This is a big “thank-you” to those who have patiently navigated the enrollment process for our first online unit.  If you are still having difficulties, please start by going to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) menu on the front page of our lcgeducation.org site.  This page lists the […]