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LEP Updates: Unit 2…coming soon!

Life, Ministry, and Teachings of Jesus Christ: Unit 1 – Final Lesson Available The pilot unit for the Life, Ministry and Teachings of Jesus Christ is now fully available to all members.  As an additional feature, once you have completed all the lessons, you can go back and watch or listen to the lectures as […]

Second Thoughts: Serving Connections

  “When we are members of the God-family, and there are millions and billions of us, we will have connections with certain people because of the relationships we started in this life.” – Dr. Scott Dr. Scott Winnail told us in this week’s assembly, “Look for opportunities to serve in the local congregation.” No matter […]

Second Thoughts: To Be a Pioneer

“You are pioneers. You will be an example…” – Mr. Gerald Weston When we begin working on something original, involve ourselves in a brand new project, venture into undiscovered or unknown territory, or even to step out of our comfort zone to be part of something bigger than ourselves, we become adventurers, inventors, pioneers. For […]

Living Education Update – Unit 1

Life, Teachings and Ministry of Jesus Christ, Unit One This is a big “thank-you” to those who have patiently navigated the enrollment process for our first online unit.  If you are still having difficulties, please start by going to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) menu on the front page of our lcgeducation.org site.  This page lists the […]

Second Thoughts: Christian Discipline by Making Your Bed?

Yesterday, the Living Education students had the opportunity and privilege to hear Mr. Richard Ames speak at our weekly assembly. He based the title for his speech “Make Your Bed and Practice Godly Discipline” from Admiral William H. McRaven’s #1 New York Times Bestseller, “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe […]

We Have Lift-Off!

This week is the kickoff for both our online and on-campus programs! A great deal of effort has been made by a team of people to get these programs off the ground – many of whom are behind the scenes and contribute one crucial component or another, then go about their normally assigned duties.  The […]