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Recommended Reads: Can We Trust the New Testament?

During the second semester, the Living Education students are taking a deep dive into the New Testament in their “Survey of the New Testament” class, which is taught by Mr. Ken Frank. They are looking at “authors, backgrounds, themes, and contents of each book”, as well as “important concepts contained in each book that relate to understanding history and the development of human knowledge” and “identifying and discussing the key points of the books that are subject to criticism.” This book is worth the read because before one is able to take what God has to say to heart, one must first prove that the New Testament is the word of God and can be trusted.

Programa Bíblico para Niños – Nivel 3: Lección 14 “La Pascua – justificados por Su sangre”

Pasajes Destacados: Éxodo 12:3–8, 43–47; Levítico 23:4–5; Romanos 3:23; 6:23; Hebreos 10:4; Juan 1:1–3; Lucas 1:35; Mateo 1:23; Filipenses 2:5–8; Juan 10:17-18; 3:16; 1:29 Dios dio instrucciones a la antigua nación de Israel para la observancia de la Pascua. En el décimo día en el primer mes del año, cada familia debía seleccionar un cordero […]

Programme biblique pour enfants : niveau 3 – NT leçon 2 “Le Dieu d’Israël”

Passage étudié : 1 Corinthiens 10 Abraham, Isaac et Jacob avaient tous une relation personnelle avec Dieu. Moïse a vu Dieu et il a parlé avec Lui (Exode 33:18-23 ; Deutéronome 34:10). Mais comment cela est-il possible puisque les Écritures déclarent que personne n’a jamais vu Dieu (Jean 1:18) ? Pour répondre à cette question, nous devons comprendre […]

Second Thoughts: Longer Than You Thought

“Don’t make rash life decisions” was one of Mr. Rand Millich’s points in his forum on December 15. He said, “In ‘63, the prevailing thought in the Church was that Jesus Christ was going to return in 1975. I would have been 29 years old.” Because of that thinking, some people made hasty decisions. funds, or chose not to further their education. There were even those who married hastily, afraid they would run out of time and never have the chance. “So,” he said, “when 1975 came and went, there were actually some relationships that ended in divorce.” And some became bitter. Decisions reach far into our futures—whether they’re rash or wise. “That decision might be with you longer than you thought.”

Forum Summary: Only You Can Buy It

“If you haven’t noticed already, we’re here to sell you something.” Mr. Gerald Weston gave the last Living Education forum for the semester. He began by saying Living Education is trying to “sell” a better way of life. This is also the purpose for the Living Youth Programs. Society sells young people all kinds of lifestyles—all, supposedly, equally virtuous. “But,” Mr. Weston said, “God does something that the world doesn’t do. He says, ‘Look, there is a better way—choose that one.’”