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Working in the LivingEd Department

Author: Kaleb Johnson | Student, Living Education – Charlotte, 2022-23

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Here’s an inside look at work/study positions in the Living Education Department

Have you ever wondered what the students in Charlotte do in the work/study program? Well, this post is the first in a new series of Student Life posts that will answer that question by describing the student roles available in each department of the Living Church of God Headquarters. Today’s post covers the student positions in the Living Education department. The two students featured are Kaleb Johnson (c’est moi!) and Nathan Kroon. 


Nathan Kroon is the Media Associate who edits videos, makes posts for Living Education  on social media, and organizes the weekly newsletter

Nathan is one of the three students in the new Student Leader program. In addition to being the Media Associate for the LivingEd department, Nathan is also the lead landscaper for the dorms and the Resident Assistant for the guys’ dorm. For the LivingEd department, he is the primary video editor, official photographer for events, and much more. 

Nathan’s Roles in the Living Education Department:

What does Nathan have to say about:

The most fun part of the job? “I think video editing has been most fun, especially when I am able to be more creative with it. But that requires having a lot of material to work with like photos and B-Roll.”

The most challenging part of the job? “A bunch of different things get thrown at you. Mr. McNair is sometimes. . . unpredictable with what he’ll throw at you next. Keeps it exciting, but also can be challenging.”


Kaleb Johnson is the Staff Assistant who writes web content, works with Google Analytics, and assists with ongoing projects

Kaleb is a first year student who works only for the Living Education department. I perform—wait, I mean Kaleb performs many support tasks for projects that are ongoing in the Living Education purview, such as creating videos and slideshows for events and making scripture and quote indexes for new study courses (check out all the courses here).

Kaleb’s Roles in the Living Education Department: 
  • Writing/posting forum summaries and student life posts (like this one!)
  • Creating weekly Bible quiz (click here)
  • Using Google Analytics
  • Providing support in video editing 
  • Assisting with ongoing projects 

What does Kaleb have to say about:

His favorite part of the job? “It is a lot of creative work. You get the chance to write, to make storyboards for videos, and brainstorm ideas. It is quite different from engineering, almost more challenging as you have to be creative and think outside of the box.” 

The most challenging part of the job? “Interviewing myself. I am both a terrible interviewer and interviewee. Seriously though, it is difficult to manage all the different projects we have, only working four hours a day. Mr. McNair really does know how to keep you on your toes.”

Working: Part of the LivingEd Experience

Both first and second year students get the opportunity to work at the Living Church of God headquarters in many different departments; this post has only covered one. The Living Education department provides an invaluable experience for the students by challenging them to learn new skills and master ones they may already possess, and it gives students the chance to help out in the Church’s commission to feed the flock. 

Working is only one part of the Living Education program. If you’d like some more details, read this article: A Day in the Living Education-Charlotte Program