We Have Lift-Off!

This week is the kickoff for both our online and on-campus programs! A great deal of effort has been made by a team of people to get these programs off the ground – many of whom are behind the scenes and contribute one crucial component or another, then go about their normally assigned duties.  The ultimate goal is to serve you and your congregation, with the help of your elder and pastor.
To that end, there will be a webinar for all pastors and elders on this Thursday evening, August 16th, from 7pm to 8pm. EST titled “Keys to Implementing Living Education in your Congregation”.  Pastors and elders, please check your email inbox for more details. This session will help our pastors and elders to answer questions and plan to adapt the material to local needs. 
Here in Charlotte, fourteen young adults enjoyed orientation sessions and their first three days of classes, as they jumped right into the rhythm of learning a “better way of life”. With an “all-employee” welcome lunch and then a dinner hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Weston at their home on Monday, our group of seven men and seven women is set to begin the school year.
– Mr. Jonathan McNair
Director, Living Education

Who is the online program for? Are there age restrictions?

The online program is for members and attending prospective members of the Living Church of God. There are no age restrictions beyond the ability to read and study the Bible.

Internet access, an individual email address and a MyLCG account are required.

Using Living Education Online for Discussion Points

One of the challenges for a pastor is to encourage Godly, uplifting conversation before and after Sabbath services.  It’s not a sin to talk about how our week went, how our family is doing, and what’s going on in our lives.  Getting to know each other as brethren is important, and it’s a blessing to talk with others who share the same values and convictions.  But by bringing insight and inspiration from God’s Word into our conversation, we help and strengthen each other in the faith.  Sometimes those insights come from our Bible study during the course of the week.  As teachers in the pulpit, we always hope that inspiration and encouragement will come from the sermons and sermonettes that are given! One of the goals of the Living Education-Online program is to add another element to the mix.  If we are reviewing the weekly lessons in the Life, Ministry and Teachings class, for example, we have a ready-made resource for conversation on the Sabbath.  This is one of the benefits of signing up to participate in the class.  For more information and to pre-enroll, just go to www.lcgeducation.org.

“focus points”

This week, our TWNow program focused on the dangers of social media. Part of the attraction of Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube is the natural human desire to see or read something new. As Christians, we’re no different. We’re curious and we want to learn. But with the flood of information washing over us from every direction, it’s challenging to know where to start, even with Bible study. Part of a pastor’s job is to focus our attention on one topic at a time, through weekly sermons and Bible Studies. But how about our own personal Bible study? Where do we begin? Living University helped to provide focus points for personal study through its classes. The goal of our new “Living Education” team is to continue to assist our members and ministry by providing a roadmap of “focus points” over the course of the year. Our new format, however, will be designed to be available to all members. Stay tuned for more information about how to register and participate!—Jonathan McNair