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Recommended Read
Recommended Read

Simply Understanding the New Testament

By Irving J. Jensen

During the second semester, the Living Education students are taking a deep dive into the New Testament in their “Survey of the New Testament” class, which is taught by Mr. Ken Frank. They are looking at “authors, backgrounds, themes, and contents of each book”, as well as “important concepts contained in each book that relate to understanding history and the development of human knowledge” and “identifying and discussing the key points of the books that are subject to criticism.” This book is worth the read because it provides insights that will help the reader understand the New Testament a bit better.


“Is It Really That Simple? Surveys show that 58 million adult Americans find the Bible hard to understand. Irving Jensen’s Simply Understanding the New Testament makes Bible study more worthwhile and enjoyable—even for those already well-schooled in God’s Word.

Simply Understanding the New Testament is designed to encourage independent Bible study. Readers once dependent on “second hand” insights and ideas will find themselves taking the initiative to explore new and deeper levels of Bible Understanding.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, Dr. Jensen’s strikingly original study charts will add greatly to the reader’s benefit from this unique Bible study guide.