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Recommended Read

The Myth of Multitasking

By Dave Crenshaw
We all want to do more in less time, but does multitasking actually increase our efficiency?  Crenshaw exposes the idea of multitasking for what it really is – a myth! His insightful, practical tips are useful to reduce the time spent attempting to multitask and spend more time accomplishing tasks efficiently.


“This simple yet powerful book shows clearly why multitasking is, in fact, a lie that wastes time and costs money. Far from being efficient, multitasking actually damages productivity and relationships at work and at home.”, November 24, 2008

“Are you a master of juggling e-mail, voice mail, cell-phone calls and the like? No, you’re not, says this slim fable-cum-manifesto against multitasking. The author, a business coach, gently ridicules the idea that anyone can concentrate on two things at the same time.”

Andrea Sachs, Senior Reporter, Time Magazine, November 2, 2008

“I applaud Crenshaw for taking on a popular buzzword and small-scale plague not only in business life, but also our day-to-day world. Multitasking is indeed a myth. I would be tempted to be more vigorous in my rhetoric and say that multitasking is a fraud and a thief.”, November 24, 2008

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