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Recommended Read
Recommended Read

Evidence That Demands a Verdict

By Josh and Sean McDowell
In an age when religion is under attack, Evidence That Demands a Verdict has been serving as a reference book in defence of the Bible and Christianity since it was first published in 1970. As with any text not produced by our church, there will be doctrinal differences, however, this book is well worth having on the shelf to refer to for answers to many questions.


Evidence is now thoroughly revised and updated from previous editions in light of newly uncovered historical documentation and the best of modern scholarship.  That means you’ll gain new insights to grow in your faith and be better equipped to answer the questions and objections of today’s most hardened skeptics.

Evidence brings you all-new and expanded chapters to challenge the latest attacks from Christianity’s critics.  No matter the topic – evidence for the Bible’s authenticity, evidence for the historical Jesus and His resurrection, evidence for the accuracy of the Old Testament, or evidence for the truth claims of the Bible – this new edition is the go-to-source for fast accurate answers.

“This is an indispensable book that all Christians should keep within reach. This updated and expanded edition makes this volume even more valuable and timely.” LEE STROBEL bestselling author of The Case for Christ and In Defence of Jesus.
There are many older versions of this book as well.  Several of them are available in the Roderick C. Meredith Memorial Library  and the Internet Archive