2023 Music Recital

Author: Kaleb Johnson | Student, Living Education – Charlotte, 2022-23

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Read about this year’s music recital for the Living Education students!

Music recitals are a staple of the Living Education program, but for several of the students, this was a totally new experience. Adding to the excitement, this year’s recital was held at a senior care center for the first time since 2019. Most of the students played a piano piece or sang a song, and all first-year students performed in the Living Ed Vocal Ensemble for two songs, which had been practiced as part of the music class. 

The Recital

The senior care center had a nice piano for the students to use, and the LivingEd students brought speakers and microphones for the singing performances. Following a few minutes of set up, the recital began at 6:30 pm and was well-attended by families, faculty, and, of course, residents. It began with individual pieces performed by Living Education students and some additional students from the music teacher’s private studio. 

After these exciting renditions, the first-year Living Ed students performed the two choir songs they had been practicing in class. The recital concluded with America the Beautiful and an open invitation for all guests to sing along. 

The previous events the Living Education program arranged were the men’s and women’s trips. The ladies went to Charleston and the men went hiking!

Kaleb Johnson is a student in the Living Education-Charlotte Program. He graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in the spring of 2022. In addition, Kaleb enjoys writing, video-making, trying new activities (anything and everything), playing chess, and debating (it’s not arguing!) with people. He currently works in the Living Education department producing written content & videos and helping with a variety of other projects.