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Recommended Read
Recommended Read

Naming the Elephant

By James W. Sire
In our information-muddied world, understanding the concept of “worldview” is vital to distinguish between accurate and inaccurate information. How should followers of Christ grapple with the subject of worldviews? How should a true Christian’s worldview be formulated? James W. Sire dives into important questions you might find interesting to better understand your worldview and the worldviews you come into contact with in the news, on social media, and with your friends.


What is a worldview? What lies behind your thoughts about almost everything?

  • What is the history of the concept itself?
  • What is the first question you should ask in formulating a worldview?
  • What role can worldview thinking play in assessing your own worldview and those of others, especially in light of the pluralism in today’s world?

Naming the Elephant is an excellent resource for exploring more deeply how and why worldview thinking can aid you in navigating your pluralistic universe.