The Benefits of Marriage

Author: Nathan Kroon | Student Leader, Living Education – Charlotte, 2022-23

Estimated Reading Time: 5 min.

Mr. Wallace Smith spoke to the students of Living Education about marriage and its purpose.

He stated that, if we’re not careful, we may only speak of marriage as an escape from bad things. After all, God did not only create marriage to simply prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. He made it to be much more than that—a symbol of the kind of love that He shares with His Church. While marriage is not necessary for someone to be connected to God, that doesn’t mean it is not an incredible blessing! What, then, are some of the benefits of marriage?

Benefit 1: Sex

God specifically designed marriage to be the only environment in which sex was meant to be experienced. Aside from being part of the process of creating offspring, sex greatly strengthens the relationship between two people who are truly committed to each other. Unfortunately, the world has actively encouraged sex to be performed outside of the sacrament of marriage. “We have a lot of unlearning to do,” said Mr. Smith, because the media constantly bombards us with false, carnal ideas surrounding sex and physical attraction. Mr. Smith pointed out that chemistry is not a bad thing to have in a relationship by going to Proverbs 30:19, which speaks of the wonderful “way of a man with a virgin”; what is wrong is choosing a spouse based entirely on physical attributes, which fade over time.

Benefit 2: Commitment

Marriage is capable of providing a kind of deep commitment that is not found in other relationships, as well as a unique peace of mind. In marriage, we need to be willing to be committed to our spouse in a way that defies  human nature. We should not only be there for them at all times, but want to be there. Today, many have the idea that commitment is just cohabitation, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are living with your partner while not being committed to them enough to celebrate your love before God or even before a court officiator through a wedding, you are basically telling them, “I like you very much, but if a better opportunity presents itself to me at any point, I’m walking out the door.” Those are not very romantic vows to make to each other! True commitment is what makes marriages work, and it helps establish the most important human relationship you will have in your life.

Benefit 3: Companionship

Marriage is a journey in becoming each other’s perfect companion. The act of marriage creates two companions, and if they put the right effort into it, they become “custom-made” for each other as time passes. The idea of having one true “soulmate” is not rooted in any sort of reality. If it was true that there really was only one perfect person in the entire world made specifically for you, most people’s soulmates would likely live on entirely different continents! As a husband or wife, you will learn to sacrifice parts of yourself or your life for the other person. Marriage requires sacrifice. You won’t know yourself as well as you’ll think you do going into marriage, and you will face challenges. However, part of the beauty within the marital relationship is that you are able to face challenges together. Learning to get past hardships as a team will make you more conformed to each other. After all, your spouse should be your best friend.

Benefit 4: Vulnerability

Marriage allows a couple to be completely open with each other. A husband and wife should not hold their secrets away from each other. At points, you may hurt each other’s feelings, and because you are more vulnerable with them than with anyone else, it naturally may feel like it hurts more than usual. Nonetheless, persevering through the rough patches and developing an almost psychic pattern of communication with each other makes couples stronger and more comfortable in their marriage and in their mentality.

Benefit 5: Children

A happy and stable marriage between a man and a woman is the optimal environment in which to raise children. One of the most wonderful commissions that God gave to mankind was to “be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28), because “He seeks godly offspring” (Malachi 2:15). Mr. Smith explained that his experiences as a father have been some of the most rewarding parts of his life. “As a parent,” he said, “you take delight in your children’s delight.”

Benefit 6: Design Fulfillment

God seeks to develop men and women into better human beings. Through marriage, we are essentially working as God’s assistant in developing our spouse. It is a great privilege to have parts of God’s work delegated to us through a sacrament that He created for us.

There’s more to marriage than most people think, and not many of these people recognize these benefits as benefits, because they don’t go into marriage with the right state of mind. If we view marriage the way that God intended humanity to view it, we can take full advantage of its joys and benefits.

Nathan Kroon is a Student Leader at Living Education. He originally hails from Washington State and is a 4th generation Christian. Currently, he works at Headquarters as a Video Editor and is the Lead Landscaper at the LivingEd dorms. His hobbies include playing guitar, listening to music, drawing, and watching movies.