Establish Your Pillars

Author: Lexi Mitchell | Student, Living Education – Charlotte, 2023-24

Mr. Smith started his forum with a warning: his speech was going to be on a topic that can be difficult to cover. 

This topic can come across as philosophical, because it requires clear thinking, developing thoughts, and determining if those thoughts are sound. All of this involves a lot of self examination. 

The idea of philosophy can have a negative connotation due to the fact that philosophical ideas sometimes lead people towards ungodly ways of thinking. In reality though, not all philosophical thought is bad. After all, philosophy is essentially the study and love of wisdom. Understanding philosophy can help a person to think clearly, develop thoughts and take the time to consider them.

The topic Mr. Smith  spoke on was worldviews

A worldview is a particular philosophy of life and personal conception of the world. The reason this topic is so heavy is because,based on that very definition, our worldview directly impacts our opinions, beliefs and the way we operate on a daily basis. 

There are countless topics that we have opinions on.

These very same opinions can have drastic effects on the outcomes of our lives. From topics as simple as our favorite shows to those as complicated as the religion we believe in, our opinions guide our behaviors, which then impact our habits and lifestyles.

Although these opinions are often considered and may seem like something that is built into one’s personality, beliefs can change. Although it doesn’t happen often, change can occur through an alteration to personal actions or through an outside force that changes them somehow. Sometimes, our beliefs and overall worldview are perfectly acceptable. Often, however, there is an extreme need for a change of direction.

Mr. Smith himself experienced a drastic metamorphosis in worldviews. He grew up with a belief system that mirrored those of the people around him and the attitudes portrayed in the media he consumed. A lot of these beliefs were formed because of TV shows that covertly pushed boundaries in order to promote lifestyles of debauchery. 

The majority of the time, like in Mr. Smith’s case, worldview is something obtained subconsciously. It can develop from entertainment, from friends and relatives, and from society around us in general. 

Our beliefs form our worldview.

Belief could be something that you don’t control, but it will definitely control you. This is dangerous, because our thoughts, controlled or not, turn into worldview.

This directly impacts how you live your life and all the decisions you make.

Some common and incredibly popular beliefs, due in large part to a cumulation of Satan’s influence in the world being considered increasingly acceptable, are that the material world is all there is, and that natural law governs all things. The name of this worldview is Naturalistic Materialism. This worldview in education is making these views more prevalent in the world among youth. An example of this lack of morality in schools and in entertainment has its effects on the world in general.

Without taking control over your belief systems and letting the pull of society guide you, it is very possible to be swayed by these opinions which are becoming alarmingly common. Conclusions from these philosophies are that there is no free will and that there is no morality!

Don’t take the power of worldview lightly. 

To counter the sway of society around us, it is critical to put serious and extensive thought into what you believe and why exactly you believe it. A great first step is to consider your personal pillars, which are the beliefs upon which your entire life is based upon. Without the stability of one of those pillars, the rest of your “foundation” will come crumbling down. 

It is important to make sure that those pillars are God-centered.

Mr. Smith’s personal pillars are :

1) God exists. If not, then why does anything we do even matter?

2) Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Knowing and believing this makes Jesus’s own belief in the Bible enough, this proves the Bible.

3) The Bible is the inspired word of God. 

Having strong biblically-based pillars is crucial to living a fruitful life. This is the very basis on which we build our Christian lives. Putting thought into these fundamental beliefs is necessary to avoid letting our unchecked subconscious control our reality.

We are to ask ourselves not only what our pillars are, but why exactly these are our pillars. Without that knowledge, our lives will be controlled by the influences of society without us even being aware of it. 

Lexi Mitchell is a first-year student in the Living Education-Charlotte Program. She is from Long Island, New York. At home, she worked as a lifeguard and a swim instructor. Currently, she assists in the Living Education department as a social media manager and as a producer of written content. She enjoys reading, cooking, exercising, and spending time with family.