Assembly Summary: Actions We Take Now for Our Future

Author: Juliette McNair | Student, Living Education 2021

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, 15 seconds.

“How many of you have heard the phrase, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Mr. Mike DeSimone joined the students in the Living-Ed classroom and gave an interactive Assembly. He said that this saying doesn’t only apply to preventing future disasters. “I want to talk about the actions we take now and the impact they have on the future.”

An Ounce of Effort Now—Or a Pound Later?

Using the newly-installed whiteboard on the wall behind him, Mr. DeSimone drew a diagram of a lever with a tiny weight on one side, labeled “Now,” and a large weight leveraged on the other side, labeled “Future.” Small actions today, with just an ounce of energy, can accomplish things worth a pound of energy later in life.

Christ Prepared for the Church of God

Luke 2:41-52 gives the account of Christ lingering in Jerusalem and His parents returning to find Him. They found him asking questions and listening to the teachers in the temple. He told His parents, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?”  Mr. DeSimone explained that, at twelve years old, “He was preparing Himself to begin the very Church of God and train the apostles to continue the Church and preach the Gospel for the next thousands of years.”

Ezra Prepared His Heart

Ezra was given the opportunity to lead his people back to Jerusalem. But only after he “had prepared his heart to seek the Law of the LORD” [Ezra 7:10]. Ezra prepared himself but didn’t necessarily know that he would be called to lead the return. Mr. DeSimone stated, “What you do now may even provide opportunities in the future that will not be there if you don’t prepare.”

Fix the Issue in Stage 1

Mr. DeSimone used the example of the cost to fix an issue with an iPhone. During the assembling stage—Stage 1—it might cost one hundred dollars. At Stage 2, when it is a finished product, that same issue costs 1,000 dollars to fix. And at Stage 3, when it’s shipped, the cost is 10,000 dollars. “This is the value of fixing a problem early… If this was life pain, issues, or troubles, how much would you rather spend taking care of that?”

Areas of Preparation

Mr. DeSimone covered five areas of preparation by posing questions and discussing various answers. “What can you do now to prepare for your future spiritually?” One student answered, “Fasting.” Through the right actions, like fasting, the right trajectory is set. He asked, “What are some ways you can prepare for a family?” A student raised his hand and replied, “For men, learning leadership.” Next was, “How can you prepare to be loyal to the Work and the Church?” Someone volunteered, “By learning how to explain the truth to non-Church members.” One answer to, “How can you prepare for your future career or life-work?” was, “By staying educated in your career.” Mr. DeSimone nodded, “Whatever you’re doing, you need to continually educate yourself—relentlessly.” Finally, Mr. DeSimone asked, “How can you prepare for your future financially?” One young lady raised her hand and said that you must, as she learned from Mr. Jerry Ruddlesden’s Christian Finance course, live below your means. 

“Everything we do now is leverage for the future—every life-choice and every habit… The way you spend your time now influences the way, when opportunities come, you are prepared.”

The nobleman’s servants, in Christ’s parable (Luke 19:11-17), didn’t know what their reward was. But when they realized that their small minas could bring entire cities as rewards, they must have thought, as Mr. DeSimone interpreted, “I should’ve put in more—all I needed to do was do it right then.” The minas represent “all the things we have control over now.” Our actions now determine our future. Mr. DeSimone concluded, “As much as you prepare yourself now for the future, you will reap greater rewards.”