Using Living Education Online for Discussion Points

One of the challenges for a pastor is to encourage Godly, uplifting conversation before and after Sabbath services.  It’s not a sin to talk about how our week went, how our family is doing, and what’s going on in our lives.  Getting to know each other as brethren is important, and it’s a blessing to talk with others who share the same values and convictions.  But by bringing insight and inspiration from God’s Word into our conversation, we help and strengthen each other in the faith.  Sometimes those insights come from our Bible study during the course of the week.  As teachers in the pulpit, we always hope that inspiration and encouragement will come from the sermons and sermonettes that are given! One of the goals of the Living Education-Online program is to add another element to the mix.  If we are reviewing the weekly lessons in the Life, Ministry and Teachings class, for example, we have a ready-made resource for conversation on the Sabbath.  This is one of the benefits of signing up to participate in the class.  For more information and to pre-enroll, just go to

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