Roderick C. Meredith Memorial Library

We’ve recently had to come to a decision as to what to use as a name for our library, as we are required to register our library with local authorities.  Previously, it was officially the “Living University Library”.  After some consideration, Mr. Weston approved the new name of “Roderick C. Meredith Memorial Library” as the official name.  This would rightly honor Mr. Meredith and would be very appropriate as a portrait of him is installed in the library.  It would also serve to emphasize the purpose of the library as a resource for the Living Church of God as a whole.

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  1. Lee Roszczynski
    Lee Roszczynski says:

    The marvelous gesture of naming the library Roderick C. Meredith Memorial Library is very appropriate and reminds me of two statements that Dr. Meredith made that have stayed in my mind over the years. The first was, “saturate your mind with the Word of God,” and the second was, “the thoughts that occupy your mind are what you value most.” On both occasions, I made the decision to memorize those two statements and made notations in my journal of these thoughts. Besides Mr. Armstrong, Dr. Meredith and Mr. John Ogwyn have been exemplary pillars in my study of God’s Word and mainstays that I have looked to for living the Christian life.

    Again, a marvelous and respectful gesture, and I look forward to using this library as I continue to expand my knowledge of God’s Word.


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