The Temple: Its Ministry and Services as they were at the time of Jesus Christ

By Alfred Edersheim

As Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread focus our thoughts on Jesus Christ and His final days, this book gives us a fascinating look back into what the Temple was like during His lifetime. Edersheim provides an account of the daily life and rituals for the people of Jerusalem, and a detailed description of the Temple and its courts. It is considered a classic and a must-read for scholars of Christian history.


Jerusalem’s temple represented not only the glory of Israel’s past but the splendor of its future, when the Messiah would come and reign over God’s people. To recapture the essence of the temple’s significance, both in the life of Israel and in the life and theology of the early Christians, readers are fortunate indeed to have as a tour guide that eminent scholar of Judaism and the New Testament, Alfred Edersheim. Readers who want to experience the grandeur of Herod’s temple – the temple that Jesus “cleansed” – or the anguish of a temple trodden by Roman soldiers will appreciate Edersheim’s knowledge of and passion for the temple of Scripture. Readers will also welcome this newly typeset, highly readable edition with illustrations and marginal references from Scripture, Philo, Josephus, and the Mishnah.
If you are looking to grow your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the practices and daily life at the time of Christ, this is a great place to start.  “The Temple” is available in the Roderick C. Meredith Memorial Library and is also free to borrow electronically at the Internet Archive.  The Internet Archive is a wonderful resource of free digital books from libraries around the world.  Just create a free account and login to borrow any book in their collection. This particular book has several different versions in the Archive, so if this link is checked out, just search the title to find another.