Friday Night Dinners

Author: Hyabiel Daniel  | Student, Living Education – Charlotte, 2023-24

An LE Friday Tradition

In the majority of places, Fridays are just the end of the week. At Living Education, however, Fridays bring forth a unique tradition that brings students, lecturers and members together. The shared meals to kick off the sabbath are not only a time for bonding but also a hands-on lesson in practical skills for the future

Every Friday the responsibility of preparing the shared meal falls on the female students. This serves as a practical training ground, giving them valuable leadership experience in showing hospitality in the home. 

In the first semester, the second-year girls take on the role of hostesses, setting an example for their first-year girls. These hostesses not only showcase their experience but also guide the first-year students in the art of preparing a well-balanced meal, all within a reasonable budget.

The emphasis on creativity shines as the girls make everything from scratch. This not only allows them to experiment but also fosters the development of new skills. From making unique dishes to mastering the basics, each shared meal becomes a canvas for creativity. One male student takes on the responsibility of a host. His duties include extending invitations, welcoming the guests, as well as supporting the hostess with setup and cleanup. 

This semester, the spotlight is on the first-year girls, with Lexi Mitchell leading the way as the first hostess. The rotation system ensures that each student gets a chance to showcase their talents and hospitality.

Beyond the delightful tastes, the Friday Night Dinners instil valuable skills, creativity, and a strong sense of responsibility among the students.

Hyabiel Daniel is a first-year Living Education Student. She is from London, United Kingdom, and typically attends the Seven Oaks Congregation. She enjoys studying social sciences and also loves spending time reading books, baking, and spending time with loved ones.