Back to the Books

Author: Hyabiel Daniel  | Student, Living Education – Charlotte, 2023-24

As the winter break draws to a close, the halls of HQ are once again bustling with the energy of students returning to their classrooms. After a week of late mornings, and cosy moments spent with family and friends, it’s time for the familiar routine of textbooks, assignments, and the hum of classroom discussions. Excitement and chatter fill the air as friends reconnect, sharing stories of what they have been up to. Lecturers welcome their students with warm smiles, ready to embark on a new semester of learning and growth. The classrooms, once quiet and empty, are now vibrant with the promise of new knowledge and experiences. As backpacks are unpacked and the rustle of pages turning begins, there’s a collective sense of anticipation for the challenges and triumphs that the upcoming academic journey will bring. The winter break may be over, but the joy of reuniting with friends and the prospect of new units make the return to class an exciting beginning to the rest of the school year.

Hyabiel Daniel is a first-year Living Education Student. She is from London, United Kingdom, and typically attends the Seven Oaks Congregation. She enjoys studying social sciences and also loves spending time reading books, baking, and spending time with loved ones.