Children’s Bible Program – Level 2: Lesson 16 “Nimrod’s Legacy”

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By Janth English

Read Together: The Bible portrays Nimrod as an evil man, and we still see the effect of his evil influence today. Nimrod is the first recorded leader to organize people into city-states so that he could rule over them. He was a proud tyrant who was openly rebellious toward God. Nimrod built the city of Babel, and led the effort to undermine God’s plan for people to spread throughout the earth, building a tower that reached to the sky. Many historians trace the pagan traditions that are part of all of the world’s religions today back to this very city. People who are really following God avoid these traditions, even if they are mixed with a worship of Christ. Instead, God’s people keep His Sabbath, Holy Days and other commands.

Read Together: Genesis 10:8–12; 11:5–9; Revelation 17:5; 18:1–2.


  • Ask your child what are some wrong traditions that people in the world’s churches observe?
  • Explain that many modern church traditions of the world started a long time ago. (You may wish to refer to the booklet, “Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity,” pp. 8–10, https://www.tomorrowsworld.org/booklets/satans-counterfeit-christianity).
  • Ask your child, who is really behind the false traditions and religious deception of the world? (Reference Revelation 12:9)
  • Explain to your child that the Bible shows that end-time religious deception (“Babylon”) is just a modern version of traditions started long ago (the city of “Babel”). (Reference Genesis 11:9 and Revelation 17:5; 18:1–2)
  • Explain to your child that we can only understand God’s truth because He opens our mind and helps us not be deceived (John 6:44, Matthew 13:11).
  • Ask your child what about God’s way of life are they most thankful for?

Review Memorization.

Genesis 11:9 “Therefore its name is called Babel, because there the LORD confused the language of all the earth; and from there the LORD scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth.”

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