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Assembly Summary: The Suppression of Males in Israelite Society

Author: Yolanda Watt | Student, Living Education – Charlotte 2021/22

Estimated reading time: 3 min.

Mr. Stuart Wachowicz started his lecture by referring us to his Tomorrow’s World Viewpoint video “Do Schools Discriminate Against Boys?

He then went on to mention the prophecy given in Isaiah 3:12: “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people! Those who lead you cause you to err, and destroy the way of your paths.” This serious warning is one of many prophetic scriptures about the fall of Israel at the end of the age. 

This prophecy is descriptive of social conditions, and one of the issues it highlights is children being our oppressors. Mr. Wachowicz stated that children being our oppressors can be seen one of two ways—childlike or unwise leadership in society, or literal children oppressing society, such as children bringing their parents to court. 

“Women Rule Over Them”

The other element of this prophecy addresses women ruling the nation. One of the things we see happening around us is the suppression of males in society. “Do Schools Discriminate Against Boys?” shows that Dr. Jim Dueck, former deputy minister of education for the province of Alberta, Canada, examined the marks of twelfth-grade students in a classroom setting versus the marks of the same students when they were graded “blind”.  Dr. Dueck found that the marks given to the male students when thon those tests were generally higher than those given by teachers to the same students when they knew who they were. He also found that for female students, the opposite was true. 

These results led him to the conclusion that female students’ academic marks are being deliberately inflated. Scholarship eligibility is based on teacher-given exams, and this leads to a disproportionate number of scholarships going to female students; women make up a sizable majority in universities, especially in professional facilities in North America. 

The Bible prophesied these events over 2000 years in advance. Mr. Wachowicz drove his point home by showing a snippet of an interview by Mrs. Diane Watts titled “The History of Feminism and its Impact on Men,” where she explained the origin of the feminist movement. Interestingly enough, the feminist movement started as an effort to get women out of factories and back to their families—until Betty Friedan insisted that women in the home were living in “comfortable concentration camps” and that men were their oppressors.

How This Affects the Church

“Why is this significant to us in the Church of God?” Mr. Wachowicz asked. It is significant in terms of the people to whom we must preach the Gospel and give a warning. Many in modern Western nations have values and mindsets very different from those that were commonly held twenty years ago. 

Mr. Wachowicz closed his lecture by stating that “perhaps prophetically, we are over the tipping point where it is very difficult for our society to recover, and only God can do that for us.” He left us with some questions to consider: How do we preach the Gospel to a population that is so influenced in this manner?  Eighty percent of youth in Canada are unaware of any characters in the Bible and are even less aware of the Bible’s instructions. This is the environment that activists are striving to establish; they are seeking to eliminate knowledge of the past, so people will have no reference with which to analyze the present. This is the world in which God’s Church must preach the Gospel.