Assembly Summary: The Enemy Knows You

Author: Ryan Price | Student, Living Education – Charlotte, 2021-22

Estimated Reading Time: 2 min. 30 sec.

In his assembly, Mr. Cristian Orrego warned the Living Education students about the many ways Satan tries to distract us from the truth.

He advised them to be aware of these influences and to be careful not to fall into the enemy’s tangled web of deception.

Two Options

We either live God’s way of life, or we let Satan trap us in his web of deceptions. There is no in-between. We all have personal desires and dreams, and yet, even more fundamentally, we have an innate desire for eternity, as is revealed in Ecclesiastes 3:11. This is why mankind has always searched for the purpose of his existence—something to fill the emptiness inside him. Yet this emptiness can only be filled by God or Satan—so with what are we fulfilling these desires?

The Magnitude of the Deception

Satan has had a lot of experience dealing with the human family. He knows our needs as well as our wants, and can use these fleshly desires to manipulate and deceive us. There are many ways he accomplishes this, and one of them can be seen in people today: God is being replaced with evolution in the minds of many. What does this leave for anyone to hope for? This can only produce a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness. In response, people turn to materialism and hedonism. If we remove God from our lives, the enemy will fill that spiritual emptiness with evil.

The Standards That Matter

We all need to examine whether the one who rules our minds is God or Satan. The enemy can and does use the examples of celebrities, peers, fictional characters, and social media influencers in his attempts to lead us away from following Christ’s example in our lives. In many subtle ways, the prince of the power of the air tries to distract us from what we should be doing every day—spending time with God and living our lives according to the standards He sets for us. If our minds are preoccupied with ideas and examples that are against the law of God, we will perish.

God’s way leads us to eternal life, to the materialization of our dreams, to true social justice, to a real and solid purpose for our existence, and to true freedom. Only His way will lead us to the Kingdom, and that kingdom is the only place where we will find all that we long for. If we are tired of evil and injustice, then we need to always live according to the word of God with the help of His Holy Spirit, putting aside the shallow, selfish, and vain path that leads to death.