World Ahead – This Week

We’ve had almost thirty members express interest in participating in our Living Education Israel Dig and Tour 2020. You still have time to get involved! If you would like to learn more about the requirements and details, just go to, read about the program and pre-register.

This week, we’re opening registration for our Living Education-Charlotte 2020-21 program year. Living Education-Charlotte is designed as a nine-month intensive training program for young adults who are determined to build a strong foundation for a Godly life. Students gain a comprehensive overview of the Bible through a book by book review, study the fundamental Biblical doctrines that have defined the Church of God throughout history, and the basic principles that frame our Christian way of life. Each day is divided between classroom instruction and work-study within our Headquarters facility. In addition to the daily classroom instruction, students hear twice-weekly lectures on wide-ranging topics, presented by Mr. Gerald Weston, Mr. Richard Ames, Dr. Douglas Winnail, Mr. Mario Hernandez, and a bevy of other leaders, including visiting field ministers from the United States and abroad. Social opportunities to build camaraderie with other young people, field trips to interesting places in the area, and service opportunities round out the experience. If you know a young person who might be a fit for the program, encourage them to contact our admission staff for an application at [email protected]!