Library: Au Courant with Science and Archaeology!

Last week’s TWNow (Episode 70) was hosted by Assistant Director of the Living Education program, Dr. Scott D. Winnail. The title was “Does God Hate Science?” and the panel guests were Mr. Gerald E. Weston and Mr. Wallace G. Smith. Hopefully you had a chance to view it, but if not, it is still available as the most current program; it will be moved to the archive after this week’s program airs live on Thursday.

Since the topic of science is currently “front-and-center,” you may be interested to learn that the Library carries a variety of scientific magazines that are available for perusal by the headquarters staff and the new on-campus Living Education students. This week we would like to highlight some of the scientific journals that grace our shelves. While some of these publications are subscriptions carried by the Library, others are faithfully and consistently donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, and others.

Some science titles include:
Astronomy, Discover, Popular Science, Science News Magazine, The Scientist, Scientific American, and Skeptical Inquirer.

In addition, we have an abundant collection of journals from one specific branch of science – archaeology.

Some archaeology titles include:
Ancient American (focusing on the Americas before 1400), Archaeology, Artifax (a quarterly journal on the Near East), Biblical Archaeology Review, and Kmt (a quarterly journal on ancient Egypt).

Be sure to visit the Library soon!

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