“focus points”

This week, our TWNow program focused on the dangers of social media. Part of the attraction of Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube is the natural human desire to see or read something new. As Christians, we’re no different. We’re curious and we want to learn. But with the flood of information washing over us from every direction, it’s challenging to know where to start, even with Bible study. Part of a pastor’s job is to focus our attention on one topic at a time, through weekly sermons and Bible Studies. But how about our own personal Bible study? Where do we begin? Living University helped to provide focus points for personal study through its classes. The goal of our new “Living Education” team is to continue to assist our members and ministry by providing a roadmap of “focus points” over the course of the year. Our new format, however, will be designed to be available to all members. Stay tuned for more information about how to register and participate!—Jonathan McNair

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  1. Arnold Lalum
    Arnold Lalum says:

    What a wonderful blessing this will be, not only to the membership, but also to the ministry.

  2. Wendy Stephens
    Wendy Stephens says:

    Our Pastor mentioned this today and this is good news for everyone. Great start and hope my family and me can take part.

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