Cities of the Book of Acts


Acts 1:11 – Messengers after ascension: “Men of Galilee”

Acts 2:7 – During Pentecost, “Aren’t they Galileans?”

Acts 5:37 – Gamaliel mentions “Judas the Galilean” who rose up for a time, had some followers, who then scattered.


Acts 1:1-8:3 – Starting point for the way. Events in chapters 1-7 occur in Jerusalem: Ascension, Pentecost, healings, Stephen’s ministry and death.

Acts 11:2-18 – Peter returns to Jerusalem and tells the brothers what happened in Caesarea.

Acts 12:1-19 – Herod kills James, imprisons Peter. Peter escapes and goes to Caesarea.

Acts 12:25 – After completing their mission (in Antioch), Barnabas and Saul return to Jerusalem with John Mark.

Acts 15:1-2 – Brothers from Judea came to Antioch teaching circumcision. Barnabas and Paul chosen to go to Jerusalem to discuss issue with them.

Acts 15:4-39 – Jerusalem council. Barnabas and Paul separate. Barnabas with Mark to Cyprus, Paul with Silas to Syria and Cilicia.

Acts 18:22 – Paul goes from Kenchreae to Ephesos to Caesarea (boat), then Jerusalem to Antioch (overland).

Acts 19:21-22 – Paul’s travel plans while in Ephesos: travel through Macedonia and Achaia, then back to Jerusalem, then on to Rome.

Acts 20:16 – Paul had decided to sail past Ephesos and meet the elders in Miletus because he didn’t want to spend time in Asia and was eager to get to Jerusalem for Pentecost.

Acts 20:22 – Paul tells the Ephesian elders in Miletus that he is on his way to Jerusalem.

Acts 21:15-23:22 – Paul in Jerusalem. Trials.

Acts 26:4-11 – In his defense in Caesarea, Paul tells of his persecution of Christians in Jerusalem.