Children’s Bible Program – Level 1: Lesson 48 “David and Goliath”

Featured Passage: 1 Samuel 17

David had been anointed king of Israel, but he was still just a young shepherd.  Though King Saul invited David to his court to be his armorbearer and to play the harp,  to his family, he was still just the youngest brother who cared for the sheep. Now, around this time, the Philistines came to fight against the Israelites in a battle. The Philistines brought out their champion warrior and wanted to make a deal. When the Israelites saw that the Philistine warrior was a giant, they were very scared and ran to hide! Even King Saul hid in his tent. When David saw the situation, he knew someone had to do something about it – and that something could only be done with God’s help.


Richard Gunther (www.richardgunther.org) | FreeBibleImages.org
  • What was the deal the Philistines wanted to make with the Israelites in the battle? Why did no one want to take up the challenge?
  • How tall was Goliath?
  • Why didn’t David take Saul’s armor? What things had David done to protect his sheep that let him know God would be with him? 
  • What was Goliath doing every day? Why do you think David was so upset by the things he heard Goliath saying? 
  • What do you think David was thinking about when he went out to fight Goliath? Do you think he was afraid? What should we do when we are feeling afraid? 
  • What did David take with him to defeat Goliath?  After Goliath was dead, what did the armies of Israel do?

Memory Challenge: 

1 Samuel 17:47

“Then all this assembly shall know that the Lord does not save with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord’s, and He will give you into our hands.”