Second Thoughts: To Be a Pioneer

“You are pioneers. You will be an example…” – Mr. Gerald Weston

When we begin working on something original, involve ourselves in a brand new project, venture into undiscovered or unknown territory, or even to step out of our comfort zone to be part of something bigger than ourselves, we become adventurers, inventors, pioneers. For the students in this first semester of the Living Education – Charlotte program, they have courageously stepped into the experience, accepting the task as pioneers in a new era of education in the church.


“We didn’t choose a time of entering this world…it was chosen for us.”


Pioneer: (n) “a person who is among those who first enter or settle a region, thus opening it for occupation and development by others.” (
While this may be the dictionary’s answer, what does it really mean to be a pioneer? What kind of responsibilities does pioneering require?


Addressing the fourteen, on-campus students of their involvement with the brand-new Living Education Program, Mr. Weston began, “I am going to explain to you the importance of your pioneering experience.” He continued by describing his experiences, and observations from his time at Ambassador College in the 1960’s. He related the lessons he learned there, to take care of others, of carefully following instructions and working within designated parameters, to carefully prioritize, and to dress professionally and modestly, in order to inspire the students to be mindful of how they conduct themselves as pioneers of the program.

“What we want to do here at Living Education is to be part of creating a culture of purity, honor and respect…a culture means more than one person.”

Mr. Weston encouraged the students to embrace and help establish good traditions at Living Education such as to enjoying Friday night dinners, building good habits of prayer and study into your daily routine, exemplifying of a high standard of living to your neighbors by keeping care of your property. To be an excellent pioneer means humbly embracing the role, developing a personal honor code, and understanding that a pioneer’s example continues far beyond the time they perform the part.



Books mentioned:
Dress for Success” John T. Malloy
When Character was King” Peggy Noonan

Living Education Update – Unit 1

Life, Teachings and Ministry of Jesus Christ, Unit One
This is a big “thank-you” to those who have patiently navigated the enrollment process for our first online unit.  If you are still having difficulties, please start by going to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) menu on the front page of our site.  This page lists the answers to many questions you might have about how to use the system. If you can’t find the answer there, just send an email to [email protected] and we’ll try to help you out. Hopefully, you’ve found the lectures and supporting material beneficial.  Perhaps we’ve even provided some food for thought and conversation on the Sabbath with our discussion and study questions and “Learn More” components. Happy studying!
– Mr. Jonathan McNair, Director

Second Thoughts: Christian Discipline by Making Your Bed?

From Left: Collin Winnail, Tressie McNair, Mr. Richard Ames, Francesca Rodino, Thomas White

Yesterday, the Living Education students had the opportunity and privilege to hear Mr. Richard Ames speak at our weekly assembly. He based the title for his speech “Make Your Bed and Practice Godly Discipline” from Admiral William H. McRaven’s #1 New York Times Bestseller, “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World”. Mr. Ames expounded on McRaven’s first two principles, discussing how beginning each day with a task completed, and making your bed every morning demonstrates discipline in your life. He explained the relevance of these principles for the on-campus students, illustrating with personal examples the disciplinary benefit of implementing even such a simple task as making your bed into your daily routine.

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We Have Lift-Off!

This week is the kickoff for both our online and on-campus programs! A great deal of effort has been made by a team of people to get these programs off the ground – many of whom are behind the scenes and contribute one crucial component or another, then go about their normally assigned duties.  The ultimate goal is to serve you and your congregation, with the help of your elder and pastor.
To that end, there will be a webinar for all pastors and elders on this Thursday evening, August 16th, from 7pm to 8pm. EST titled “Keys to Implementing Living Education in your Congregation”.  Pastors and elders, please check your email inbox for more details. This session will help our pastors and elders to answer questions and plan to adapt the material to local needs. 
Here in Charlotte, fourteen young adults enjoyed orientation sessions and their first three days of classes, as they jumped right into the rhythm of learning a “better way of life”. With an “all-employee” welcome lunch and then a dinner hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Weston at their home on Monday, our group of seven men and seven women is set to begin the school year.
– Mr. Jonathan McNair
Director, Living Education

Living Education-Charlotte Orientation Schedule

Today we welcome our new students!

If you’d like to review the Orientation Schedule, just check it out below…


Who is the online program for? Are there age restrictions?

The online program is for members and attending prospective members of the Living Church of God. There are no age restrictions beyond the ability to read and study the Bible.

Internet access, an individual email address and a MyLCG account are required.

HQ: Living Ed Students Meet & Greet

It’s hard to believe there are only a few days left until classes begin for 2018! As we kick off the new year, we will be welcoming 14 new students from all over the country to join us for the inauguration of our brand new Living Education – Charlotte Program. We are all very much looking forward to the opportunity to receive these wonderful young people into our Charlotte HQ community, excited to see what skills and talents they will bring and share with us as we move ahead.

We would like to give the new students a warm, Charlotte welcome and also give them a chance to meet the members of the Headquarters’ team from the outset. To give occasion for such an experience, we are inviting all the staff at Headquarters for a Meet and Greet Luncheon with the Living Education on-campus students. You will find the details provided below.

What: Living Education – Charlotte: Meet & Greet Luncheon

Where: Upstairs Staff Meeting Room – Living Church of God HQ building

When: Monday, August 13 @ 12:00-1:30pm

On the menu: Mouth-watering chili, and tasty green salad


Whether you plan to stop by for a bite to eat or not, it is our hope that all will join us for a few minutes to say a cordial hello to the new students and to give them a chance to get acquainted with the HQ team as well. We are so excited for this wonderful opportunity to begin the new year on a high note! Thank you for your support!

See you there!

Library: Au Courant with Science and Archaeology!

Last week’s TWNow (Episode 70) was hosted by Assistant Director of the Living Education program, Dr. Scott D. Winnail. The title was “Does God Hate Science?” and the panel guests were Mr. Gerald E. Weston and Mr. Wallace G. Smith. Hopefully you had a chance to view it, but if not, it is still available as the most current program; it will be moved to the archive after this week’s program airs live on Thursday.

Since the topic of science is currently “front-and-center,” you may be interested to learn that the Library carries a variety of scientific magazines that are available for perusal by the headquarters staff and the new on-campus Living Education students. This week we would like to highlight some of the scientific journals that grace our shelves. While some of these publications are subscriptions carried by the Library, others are faithfully and consistently donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ames, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, and others.

Some science titles include:
Astronomy, Discover, Popular Science, Science News Magazine, The Scientist, Scientific American, and Skeptical Inquirer.

In addition, we have an abundant collection of journals from one specific branch of science – archaeology.

Some archaeology titles include:
Ancient American (focusing on the Americas before 1400), Archaeology, Artifax (a quarterly journal on the Near East), Biblical Archaeology Review, and Kmt (a quarterly journal on ancient Egypt).

Be sure to visit the Library soon!

Orientation Schedule – Living Education-Charlotte

The orientation for our fall semester for Living Education-Charlotte will begin on Sunday evening, August 12, and run through August 14.  Classes begin on August 15th!