Guidelines for Using Recorded Hymns

What hymns from the LCG Hymnal may be played in Sabbath services, streamed, and played or special music?

  • If you are not streaming services, all hymns may be played during services.
  • If you are streaming services, the only hymn that you cannot stream is page 126, “Love Never Fails’.
  • You may stream any hymn (except page 126) for special music, provided that the hymn is not altered or re-arranged in any way. It must be played and sung as it is written in the hymnal.
  • Other than the hymns described above, you must mute all other music played for special music.

What about the redacted hymns on the website?

  • The reason these hymns are redacted is because of the laws surrounding digital distribution. This is separate from the laws that govern streaming music. To restate what is said above, with the exception of page 126, you may play and stream any redacted hymn during services.