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Second Thoughts: On Distractions and Responsibility

Author: Juliette McNair | Student, Living Education 2020 Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes In this week’s Forum, Mr. Jonathan Bueno addressed the danger of distractions. The relevance of this topic is self-evident—especially to students. We are constantly bombarded with competitors for our attention, energy, and time. Every Sabbath, as we sit and listen to the messages, we […]


Second Thoughts: We’ll Never Regret It

Author: Thomas White | Editorial Staff, Living Church of God Much of this world sees commitment as extremely dangerous. And for the most part, it’s not wrong about that. Commitment is dangerous—just ask anyone who ever shelled out cash for tattoo removal. The Scriptures actually warn against throwing promises around—even ones with the purest intentions—because […]


Second Thoughts: “Weren’t the Egypt days great?”

Author: Thomas White | Editorial Staff, Living Church of God “Boy, things sure were better in the ’50s, weren’t they? People really took the Bible seriously back then, in the great Christian nations… Sure, the Jim Crow stuff was a bit of a shame, and it was a pretty nightmarish time to be alive if […]


Second Thoughts: Blessed With Disruption

Author: Thomas White | Editorial Department, Living Church of God Raise your hand if your 2020 hasn’t gone exactly according to plan. If typing with one hand weren’t really annoying, I’d be raising mine even as I write. Wherever we are in the world, we all had plans for this year—but thanks to humanity’s insane […]


Second Thoughts: One Hundred Billion Eternities

Author: Thomas White | Editorial Staff, Living Church of God We’re often told to think about the “big picture” of Christ’s return and the soon-coming eternal Kingdom of God. But when you’re young, even the small picture seems absolutely enormous. Learning to drive a car is terrifying when you’ve previously only driven—and crashed—a Mario Kart. […]


Second Thoughts: Stronger Than Fear

Author: Thomas White | Living Church of God, Editorial Staff “It breaks God’s heart when you sin,” the minister said from the podium. That’s been popping in and out of my memory since I was about fourteen, and I thought of it during Mr. Hernandez’s stirring assembly describing the distinctly emotional attachment we need to […]


Second Thoughts: Be Yourself (No, Really)

Author: Thomas White | Living Church of God, Editorial Department “Be honest. Don’t hide who you are. Be genuine. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Be yourself.” We’ve heard all of that before. Even Mr. Richard Ames’ recent assembly, a powerful message of improving one’s interpersonal communication, addressed the importance of openness and honesty—in […]


Second Thoughts: Sonder and You (and Everyone Else)

Author: Thomas White | Editorial Department, Living Church of God There’s debate on whether or not it can be called a real word, but if you type “sonder” into Wiktionary, you’ll get this definition: “The profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passed in the street, has a life as complex as one’s own, […]


Second Thoughts: Presumption, Assumption, and…Reputation?

Author: William Williams | Editorial Department, Living Church of God Have you ever been in a situation where you knew something you planned to do wouldn’t “look right,” but since you believed you weren’t going to “do anything wrong,” you went ahead with it anyway? Perhaps the “Mike Pence” rule just seemed inconvenient that one […]