L4T Blowing Rock 2023

  • Living for Tomorrow - Blowing Rock 2023

    Want to grow as a young leader in training? Join us in North Carolina for L4T this June!

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Where: Blowing Rock Conference Center, Blowing Rock, North Carolina

When: June 2-4


If you are a young adult between 18 and 30 and want to learn more about “Living for Tomorrow,” clear your calendar for June 2-4 and join us for the “L4T” weekend at Blowing Rock, North Carolina. We will have an entire weekend of intensive focus on building truly successful lives. How should a young man or woman define success? According to many polls of young adults, interest in building lives based on godly principles declines dramatically after reaching the age of 19–20. How is it possible to avoid the pitfalls, traps, and dead ends that prey upon so many young adults? How can young adults who understand the Truth of God and His way overcome the pulls that lure them away from God’s paths and out of His Church? These are the vital issues we will consider. Join us in 2023 for L4T!