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Children’s Bible Program – Level 2: NT Lesson 12 “Breakfast with Jesus”

Featured Passage: John 21


Jesus was dead, and now He was alive! He had been resurrected from the dead, which was a wonderful miracle. The disciples were so excited, but now what were they to do? The disciples had been taught by Jesus for three and a half years, but they hadn’t yet understood the full reason of why they had been called. They decided to go back to what they used to do – fishing! One morning, after spending all night trying to catch something, a man appeared on the shore. At first they didn’t recognize Him, but once they did they raced toward the beach to meet Him. They didn’t know yet, but Jesus, the Son of God, was about to give them a purpose and a mission that would change the world.



  1. Why do you think Peter decided to go fishing? Who were some of the disciples that went fishing with Peter? 
  2. What did the man on the shore tell the disciples to do? What happened when they listened?
  3. Who was it that recognized the man speaking was actually Jesus? How do you think he knew it was Jesus?
  4. Who made breakfast? What do you think it would be like to eat breakfast with God? 
  5. What question did Jesus ask Peter after they had eaten? Who is represented by the lambs and the sheep that Jesus instructed Peter to feed? What was Jesus really telling Peter to do?

Memory Challenge:

John 21:25 

“And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.”