Children’s Bible Program – Level 1: Lesson 4 “The Re-Creation: Days 5, 6, and 7”

Featured Passage: Genesis 1:20-2:3

On day five of the re-creation week, God created birds and fish. Songbirds along with larger birds flew through the sky; fish populated the lakes, streams, and oceans. God then created land animals on the sixth day. Toward the end of the sixth day, God created the first man, Adam, in God’s own image. God created the Sabbath on the seventh day of creation by resting in it, setting mankind an example to do the same.   



  • Ask your child to think of reasons why God created animals.
  • Ask who mankind resembles.
  • Discuss why God created mankind. Remind him/her that God wanted a family.
  • Ask what God said about His creation.
  • Talk about what he/she likes about the Sabbath and why it is special to him/her.
  • Remind your child that God made the Sabbath, and He set it apart for holy use.


Memory Challenge: 

The Days of Re-Creation Week:

  Day 1 – Divided light from darkness

  Day 2 – Prepared sky and clouds

  Day 3 – Separated dry land from seas; Created plants

  Day 4 – Appointed sun, moon, & the stars for lights in the sky

  Day 5 – Created birds and fish

  Day 6 – Created land animals and Man  

  Day 7 – Created the Sabbath by resting



More to Do!

These activities are optional, but some children may find them enjoyable

  1. .Using seven paper plates, draw and color what God created each day and label them.
  2. Have your child find pictures in magazines or books that are examples of God’s creation and state on which day they were created.