Children’s Bible Program – Level 1: Lesson 2 “The Re-Creation: Days 1 and 2”

Featured Passage: Genesis 1:1-8

The re-creation week occurred perhaps millions of years after God first created the universe. Some of the angels, about one third, rebelled against God’s rule over them, and they spread chaos throughout the universe, leaving the earth in devastation. It was in this setting that God rehabilitated the earth, making it suitable for human life again. The first thing God did was to restore light to the earth, and on day two, the sky was prepared.


  • Help your child grasp that a lot of time could have transpired between verses 1 and 2 of Genesis 1.
  • Ask what the earth must have been like when everything was dark and covered by thick clouds and water.
  • Ask if human beings could live in such an environment.
  • Explain that God makes things in stages, and when re-creating the earth, He started by “turning the lights on” (clearing away the murky darkness) first!
  • Help your child see that God starts the days in the evenings.
  • Ask what God did on the second day.
  • Explain that the atmosphere, blue skies, and clouds were prepared on this day.

Memory Challenge:

The Days of Creation Week:

  • Day 1 – Divided light from darkness
  • Day 2 – Prepared sky and clouds
  • Day 3 – Separated dry land from seas; created plants
  • Day 4 – Appointed sun, moon, and stars for lights in the sky
  • Day 5 – Created birds and fish
  • Day 6 – Created land animals and man
  • Day 7 – Created the Sabbath by resting