Children’s Bible Program – Level 1: Lesson 3 “The Re-Creation: Days 3 and 4”

 Featured Passages: Genesis 1:9-19, Psalm 104:5-9

On day three of the re-creation week, God made the land appear by separating the seas into their places. He caused the plants to grow. All the fruit trees, shade trees, edible plants, and beautiful flowers came forth at His command. The sun, moon, and stars were ordained for signs, seasons, days, and years on the fourth day, so that humans could keep track of time. Knowing when the seasons occur helps us to plan for planting, harvesting, and especially for keeping God’s Holy Days.



  • Ask your child why God made the land. What purposes does land serve for humans and animals?
  • Ask why God made plants. Ask what purposes plants serve.
  • Help your child to make a list of all the things people and animals do with plants.
  • Discuss what the “greater and lesser lights” that God ordained on the fourth day are.
  • Your child might be interested to know that before GPS systems, people navigated by the stars.
  • Ask what he/she likes about the sun, the moon, and the stars. Talk about how the moon helps us know when to keep God’s Holy Days.

Memory Challenge:

The Days of Creation Week:

     Day 1 – Divided light from darkness

     Day 2 – Prepared sky and clouds

     Day 3 – Separated dry land from seas; created plants

     Day 4 – Appointed sun, moon, and stars for lights in the sky

     Day 5 – Created birds and fish

     Day 6 – Created land animals and man  

     Day 7 – Created the Sabbath by resting