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  • God’s Fall Festivals – Part 4: Last Great Day

    Artist: Ava Mitchell—Plainview, NY

    Have you ever had a “great” day?

    Maybe your parents took your family to the beach where you got to play in the sand and the waves all day long before you finished off the afternoon with a large ice cream cone. Or perhaps you had a great day when you and some of your closest…

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  • God’s Fall Festivals – Part 3: Feast of Tabernacles

    Artist: Diego Villafaña - Santiago, Chile

    Once Christ returns,

    and Satan is put away, it will be time for the real celebration to begin! On God’s calendar, just a few days after Atonement, one of the most joyous and exciting times of the year begins: The Feast of Tabernacles!Why do people get so excited about…

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  • God’s Fall Festivals – Part 2: Day of Atonement

    Photo: Susan Winnail - Tampa, Florida

    After the Feast of Trumpets,

    the next holy day we come to is what the Bible calls the Day of Atonement. Remember, the fall holy days represent important events or periods of time that have not happened yet, but will happen very soon in the future. Just as the Feast of Trumpets…

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  • Second Thoughts: Satan’s Trap for the Insecure

    Author: Thomas White | Editorial Staff, Living Church of God

    Dr. Douglas Winnail’s recent assembly addressed that Satan uses worldly persecution to lure away those who aren’t unshakably grounded in the truth.

    Scripture confirms this, and we all need to constantly guard against the anti-Christian nature…

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