Paul’s Imprisonment

This unit begins in Acts 16 with Paul’s Second Apostolic Tour. He and Barnabas part ways, and Paul begins to work with Silas, then young Timothy. Nineteen years after the establishment of the New Testament Church in 31AD, God begins a work through Paul in Europe as he entered Macedonia in 50AD. The unit continues with a review of Paul’s time in Corinth. We learn about his work establishing a congregation, working with Aquila, Priscilla and others whom God called out of this corrupt city. Paul began in the synagogue, then preached to Gentiles, eventually extending his stay to approximately two years. He wrote to Christians at Rome during this time, saying in Romans 1:11, “for I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established.” He was finally able to go to Rome to raise up a congregation around 59AD. To learn all the details of this exciting period in the early days of the church, check out this unit!




  1. Second Apostolic Tour
  2. Ancient Corinth
  3. Third Apostolic Tour
  4. Arrest at Jerusalem
  5. Herod Agrippa II

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