A Christian Perspective on Music

Overview /Purpose of Course

To help students to recapture true values in regards to arts, and to add to a Godly foundation a liberally educated, well-rounded perspective. The focus of this class will be the relation of music to the Christian way of life through a mixture of exposure and experience.

Course Description

This is part one of two semester course, “A Christian Perspective on Music”. This course is specifically designed and intended for the Living Education-Charlotte program. Beyond general music appreciation, this course involves a multifaceted approach to examining music. Most everything we find and experience in the world is a mixture of good and evil, and music fits into that category. As Christians we must be able to apply godly principles to know what types of music are good, and which ones are not. Having a broad understanding of music, the purposes behind it, how it works, how it interacts with our bodies and minds, and how it effects our emotions, can help to give us a better perspective when applying God’s principles to using music.

Instrutional Objectives

Students will undderstand more deeply the importance and relevance of music in terms of the Bible, the individual, technology, biology, and the environment. Students will be introduced to variety of genres and styles of music, and will look at music through the lens of Biblical principles. Students will also develop a practical standard for determining personal choices in usage from a Godly foundation.



Lesson 1- Unit 1: Music and You/Introduction
Lesson 2 – Unit 1: Music and You/Defining Music and Genre
Lesson 3 – Unit 1: Music and You/Genre and Philosophy
Lesson 4 – Unit 2: Music as Innovation/Music Technology in Ancient and Historical Times
Lesson 5 – Unit 2: Music as Innovation/20th Century Music Technology
Lesson 6 – Unit 2: Music as Innovation/Music Technology Today
Lesson 7 – Unit 2: Music as Innovation/Ethics and Music Technology
Lesson 8 – Unit 3: Music as Biology/Science of Music, Physics of Sound
Lesson 9 – Unit 3: Music as Biology/Technical and Scientific Aspects of Music
Lesson 10 – Unit 3: Music as Biology/Music and the the Physical Body and Brain
Lesson 11 – Unit 3: Music as Biology/Music and the Mind, Emotions, and Preference
Lesson 12 – Unit 4: Music as Furniture/Music and Film, History of Film Music
Lesson 13 – Unit 4: Music as Furniture/Music and Emotion in Film
Lesson 14 – Unit 4: Music as Furniture/Characteristics of Emotion in Music
Lesson 15 – Unit 4: Music as Furniture/Music and Mood, Choosing the Right Music