Children’s Bible Program – Level 1: Lesson 30 “Isaac and Rebekah”

Featured Passage: Genesis 21-25

When Abraham was 100 years old, God fulfilled His promise and gave him a son. Amazingly, Sarah was 90 years old! Abraham and Sarah watched and guided Isaac as he grew. As God worked with Abraham, Isaac saw first-hand his father’s example of faithfulness and obedience. Once Isaac was grown, God brought him a beautiful wife from among his relatives. Her name was Rebekah. God blessed Isaac and Rebekah with a family of their own as the blessings God promised to Abraham were passed to the next generation. 


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  • Isaac’s birth was the fulfillment of a promise God made to Abraham and that it was a miracle.
  • Isaac was also being tested when Abraham was to offer him as a sacrifice. Isaac had to be obedient to his father and to trust God as well. 
  • Rebekah chose to leave her home to go to a land she did not know to marry a man she had never met. How does this show that she was a brave woman?
  • How must have Isaac felt when he saw Rebekah for the first time?Isaac inherited the promises God made to Abraham.God chose to work with Abraham’s family. Why do you think He chose Abraham’s family?

Memory Challenge: 

Genesis 24:60 And they blessed Rebekah and said to her: “Our sister, may you become the mother of thousands of ten thousands; And may your descendants possess the gates of those who hate them.”

Children’s Bible Program – Level 1: Lesson 28 “Abraham—The Father of the Faithful”

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Read Together:  Time after time God intervened to protect and care for Abraham and Sarah. They knew that they could completely trust God. But then God asked a very strange thing of Abraham. God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on Mount Moriah. God had never asked anything like this before of anybody! Even though it must have been very difficult and confusing for Abraham, he knew that he must obey God. Abraham set out early the next morning to do what God said. Isaac allowed himself to be tied up, and Abraham placed his son on the altar. Just as he was preparing to sacrifice his son, an angel from God stopped him. At that moment, God knew that Abraham would obey and trust him above all, even with the life of his own son, Isaac. Since that time, God has never asked such a great sacrifice of any man. As the story ends, God miraculously provides a different sacrifice, and it was waiting right behind him!

When we read about the life Abraham, it’s no wonder that he is known as the “father of the faithful”.

Read Together:   Genesis 22:1–18; Romans 4:16; James 2:23.


  • Share with your child some of the dangerous situations from which God delivered Abraham. Talk about the time when Abraham rescued Lot and all the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. These things helped to deepen Abraham’s faith in God.
  • Explain to your child that the phrase “practice makes perfect” applies to our faith as well.  When we depend on God for the little things, we develop more faith to trust Him for the bigger things.
  • Help your child to understand that we can be God’s friend by obeying Him. Every Christian who puts their faith in God is following the example of Abraham. This is why Abraham is called the “father of the faithful.”

Review Memorization:

Genesis 22:18  “In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice.”