Apostolic Tour

Unit 2 begins in Acts 8, after the martyrdom of Stephen. We’re introduced to Saul, who later became the Apostle Paul. He led a cruel persecution of the followers of Christ and developed a reputation for his harsh tactics. Little did he know that his actions would serve to help spread the news of the true gospel, as members of the church fled far and wide to escape him. He certainly had no idea that his world would shortly be turned upside down, becoming a staunch follower of Christ himself. Dr. Meredith relates the account of Paul’s conversion, his ordination in Antioch, along with other believers, then his first tour as he preached and raised up congregations.

The unit concludes with the council in Jerusalem. As Paul and his traveling companions arrived in Jerusalem in 57 CE for Pentecost, with the gifts from the churches of Greece and Asia Minor, the brethren “welcomed them gladly” (Acts 21:17). The next day he and his companions met with James, the presiding apostle at Jerusalem, and the headquarters elders. Paul gave a full report telling “in detail those things which God had done among the Gentiles through his ministry” (Acts 21:19). The meeting was a turning point in an understanding of God’s work in the New Testament era. Don’t miss this unit as Dr. Meredith explains what happened.




  1. Travels of Philip
  2. Saul’s Conversion
  3. First Apostolic Tour
  4. Apostolic Council

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