2021 Living Education Archaeological Dig and Study Tour

June 6 – June 22, 2020


Due to restrictions on travel by the Israeli government the 2021 Dig and Tour has been cancelled.

Have you ever wondered... where did David fight Goliath? could you really float in the Dead Sea? what is it like to uncover 3,000 year old artifacts? what would it feel like to walk where Jesus Christ walked?

Israel Dig and Tour 2021 may be your opportunity to find out!

All the stuff you learn in class comes alive. You get to see so many biblical sites. You also get to eat delicious food!


Why would I need to convince someone to travel to the Holy Land? Honestly, this reminds me of what others said to me while I was in college: they always said that if I had the opportunity to study abroad that I should take it, as going abroad would never be as affordable as it is in college. Affordability is not the only factor to think of here, but also think of this: when will you have the opportunity to go to Israel with a group members from the Church, along with minister which will afford you to have Sabbath services with live messages? When will you have the opportunity to dig up rare archaeological finds in the Holy Land, or walk through places where our Savior Himself walked? Why must I convince you to visit Israel, when the land itself calls out to you from the pages of your Bible?

chris 1 RMR

One thing that struck me about our participation in the Libnah dig was the opportunity that our Living Education Program students had to set a good example to all the other participants on the dig. The Dig Directors thought our students work ethic was marvelous and they were sad to see us depart. It was also interesting to me that one of the dig directors had heard of the positive reputation that Ambassador College had from their years of digging in Jerusalem and the City of David. These opportunities and connections made can lead to all sorts of opportunities to do the work of God in ways that may not be self evident.

dad 2 RMR