The Feast of Pentecost

The Feast of Pentecost carries a special meaning for us as members of the New Testament Church. As a Feast of Firstfruits, this day pictures our calling into the family of God, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the first of the firstfruits.

This lesson explains and reviews the meaning of the Feast of Pentecost in detail.

We begin with ancient Israel at the time of the Exodus and follow them to Mount Sinai, where they received the Law of God, written on tablets of stone. This momentous event occurred on the Day of Pentecost, as God established a covenant with the Israelites. We then move into the New Testament and review the importance of Pentecost for the early church.

This lesson explores a wide range of issues related to Pentecost in both the Old Testament and New Testament, including:

  • Pentecost and the First Fruits
  • The Old Covenant and the New Covenant and how Pentecost fits into these covenants
  • The Wave Sheaf Offering
  • The Two Loaves
  • How to count the days leading to Pentecost, including when the Passover falls on a Sabbath
  • How Church eras fit into the teaching of Pentecost.
  • Joel’s prophecy
  • The coming of the Holy Spirit
  • Understanding the gift of tongues

The lesson includes fascinating graphic overviews of the Spring Harvest Season, the parallels between Israel, God’s “church in the wilderness”, and the New Testament church. If you enjoy history, you’ll be particularly interested in our Timeline, showing the exact days when the Exodus, the first Pentecost, and the entry into the land of Canaan happened.

As a unique component of this unit, we’ve included podcast-style audio interviews with a number of our pastors, gaining their perspective on important elements from their experience serving the church.

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