Children’s Bible Program: Special Edition! What is Pentecost? – Part 2

This Study Guide is a continuation of “What is Pentecost?-Part 1”.

This set of study guides are written for the purpose of helping parents teach their children vital Biblical topics in a focused, easy-to-follow format. Each section is not meant to be taught in one lesson, rather the topics are organized so parents can choose specific areas of focus and gear lessons toward the learning styles and ages of their children. Each topic is presented in a straightforward manner with accompanying verses for study. The main study should always come from the Scripture itself, while these lessons can act as a guide for reading passages from the Bible. Each Lesson packet includes memory verses, questions for meaningful discussion, and activities (added at the end of the packet). Also, though some things may be labeled as Level 1, 2, or 3, the activities, questions, and scriptures for memorizing can be used to fit the needs and learning levels for children of all ages. Missed part one? Click here for “What is Pentecost?-Part 1”.

The beginning of the New Testament

is the record of the beginning of a new era in God’s plan. The four gospel books (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) tell the history of Jesus Christ as a human being on this earth. Though these books do not include every little thing Jesus Christ did while He lived as a human being, (John said at the end of his book that he didn’t think there could be enough room in all the books in the whole world to record everything that Jesus did!), God did give us enough details of His life for us to learn to be like Him. So what does Christ have to do with Pentecost. Well, just about everything! After Jesus came and lived a perfect life on earth and died for every single person in the whole world, He was resurrected to eternal life. He was the first one to be given that gift, (He is the First of the Firstfruits) and He did it so we all could have a chance to be resurrected to eternal life too!

Let’s have a look at what happened on the first Pentecost after Jesus Christ was raised from the grave!